Will we see more Apple stores in the Arab world in the coming years?!

Apple has 3 stores only in the Arab world and all are present in the United Arab Emirates, one in Dubai at the Dubai Mall and another in Abu Dhabi in Yas Mall, the second in the Mall of the Emirates. Apple TV has a broad audience in the Arab world, so there’s no need to create more stores and distribute them geographically more broadly.

هل سنرى المزيد من متاجر آبل في العالم العربي خلال السنوات المقبلة؟!

Will we see more Apple stores in the Arab world in the coming years?!

At the level of the world, enjoy your Apple TV 511 stores officially works out to around 65 thousand employees to serve customers and visitors, a number that is extremely large for the size of the staff gives Apple the lead in that area, while Microsoft again store them which works out to 6 thousand employees.

The plan of Apple to increase the number of its stores around the world

According to the foundation Loup Ventures to the amendments, the Apple TV will increase the number of its stores over the next five years with 90 stores, bringing the total to 600 stores with an increase proportional also in the number of employees rose to 80 thousand employees by 2023.

Stop the biggest Apple in the coming years will focus on Chinese markets and Indian. Apple currently has already has 41 stores in China, while the opening of the first store in India in the coming months.

Also the Arab States, will have a share of it’s next expansion and selection will start on Saudi Arabia, which will be opening the first Apple stores by the year 2019 the next according to what reported by Reuters news months ago, following negotiations gathered officials from Saudi with Apple TV. Also other states in the Arab Gulf such as Qatar and Kuwait may open the Apple TV by stores official within the line of tension.

As for the Arab States Located in North Africa, no confirmed information about her though Egypt is the country most likely candidate for that due to the high population density and the spread of agents of Apple’s non-official.

Follow Apple’s high standards in the establishment of private museums, both at the level of construction and fittings which are used to design glass advanced and wooden furniture with high quality and appropriate lighting as well as staff on the high degree of efficiency.

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