Will update if the Samsung Galaxy S7 to Android 9 Pie?

Samsung was never the leader or the speed of release of updates for its smartphones or for the duration of their programme support. Even flagship devices Koreans get the latest version of Android, not earlier than six months after its release, and then only within the mandatory two years. However, this year the Koreans can change their principles for the sake of customers and after releasing the Android Pie 9 for a three year old Galaxy S7, the update which was supposed to have stopped a year ago.

According to XDA Samsung has updated the certification in consortium Wi-Fi Alliance for Galaxy S7, adding to the description of the mobile support 9 the Android Pie. It is a mandatory requirement which have to comply with all manufacturers, who are preparing to release an update of the operating system for all commercial devices. In other words, vendors are allowed to test updates for branded devices without the appropriate notifications, but if they want to release it for the masses, it is necessary to notify the competent authorities.

Android 9 Pie for Galaxy S7

If Samsung really intends to continue to update Galaxy S7, it will be a unique occasion for a company that always strictly adhered to the established Google two-year renewal period. Thus Koreans may have a significant impact on the market, forcing competitors to reconsider their guidelines regarding the support lifecycle of branded smartphones, which in turn will have a positive impact on the users.

I have been told that quite a relaxed attitude to updates Android, preferring the stability of new features. Practice shows that a similar opinion is shared by many users. This is especially true for owners of Chinese smartphone brands, Meizu or Xiaomi, which may not for months to get any new Android versions or security patches, calling the indifference of manufacturers of small nuisance.

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