Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 first phone comes network 5G?

The phone Samsung Galaxy S10 network 5G later than 2019, but according to a new synthesis may be a lot closer than some expect, where the alleged site of the “Yonhap News” that the police confirmed that the phone will be released in South Korea on 5 April next, in order to dominate the forthcoming release of the 5G in the region.

You would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 first phone controlled networks 5G?

هل سيصبح سامسونج جالاكسي S10 أول هاتف يأتي بشبكة 5G؟

As Will began to run the grille.V 5G in the United States of America Minneapolis and Chicago in April 11, so the Samsung Galaxy S10 network 5G will be useless for at least a week if the date is accurate, it was the release of the phone there, in the absence of the fifth-generation networks on a large scale yet, it will pass months before you get most of cities, they are surprised by this date too early, especially since Samsung did not provide a big marketing push until now.

Also think most of the sites and interested in technology, familiar with some information about the Samsung Galaxy S10 network 5G, and the phone will be exclusively in the United States, but you’ll see other states sold from various retailers, such as “O2” in the UK.

While the telecommunications company “Verizon” to the United States to launch 5G network in American cities defined as of April 11, the company “O2” to be launched in some cities such as Edinburgh and London and Belfast and Cardiff later in 2019, will be in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 network 5G to use it.

Will we see a better version of a Samsung phone S10 5G?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S10 network 5G, it is the first phone among Samsung phones in terms of issuing to a network 5G, but its size is larger than any phone S10 another including the Galaxy S10 Plus, since it will contain the card more three-dimensional depth, an additional camera, it is also likely that the cost of the phones S10 network 5G is much more than phones Galaxy S10 other, where sources indicate “Yonhap” to about 20% more in the price of the new phone compared phone S10 “normal”.

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