“Will see my mobile?”.. Make sure you adhere to these simple tips

Despite the ease of buying a smart phone in this era but the choice might be confusing to implement and the options and potential nurses, so help you “clip” of some tips to buy smartphone in this year.

1. The size of the screen

It is always better to buy a large-screen phone.

2 – Battery

Of course the battery is a key factor in the efficient operation of your phone, so you’d better not say a phone battery about 3000 mAh/H.

3 – The camera

With the spread of stereo camera technology in the phones high specifications and some phones, average cost, has become something fundamental in the phone.

4. the internal capacity of the phone

Despite the support of most of the smartphones now card external memory, it is best to not less than the capacitance internal of 64 GB, especially for phones that use a SIM, use an external memory card means to dispense tape of the second phone.

5 – screen resolution

It is important to protect the phone screen with a resolution of HD or higher, especially with the availability of its phones average cost now.

6 – Bunting

Radar the perfect smartphone to run the latest systems, applications and games without problems is 4 GB.

7 – operating system

When you purchase a Android phone is new to you, make sure that it is running Android draw 7.0 with support for the system update to Android oreo 8.0 at least, if not running Android oreo from the beginning.

8 – processor

The speed of the Processor to enhance the speed and efficiency of the operation of the phone, so it is advisable to “buckle” to purchase a phone with a quad core processor at least.

9 – network support

In 2018, don’t buy a phone that doesn’t support fourth generation networks, they are the future strongly.

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