Will look like macOS, if it is combined with iOS

Apple’s decision to gradually increase the similarity of the tablet version of iOS with macOS was welcomed by iPad users. This has led to an unprecedented development of brand “tablets” of the company, whose functionality is very close to the computer. Very strange, however, that in Cupertino haven’t thought about that may prove to be effective and reverse the borrowing, if you try to move some of the functions of iPad on Mac. So how did this German designer Thomas Weinrich.

Winry tried to imagine how would look like macOS if Apple was not so categorical in the harmonization of operating systems.

Update macOS

The first thing is to refuse the Apple, is a window not full screen, I’m sure the designer. In his opinion, they are very efficient use of space because in most cases part of it remains unoccupied. It would be much better if all apps that run on macOS, open in full screen.

The fact that it conveniently confirms the tablet version of iOS, which allows you to simultaneously run two applications, sharing the screen space in half. On Mac, you can double the number of programs able to work simultaneously on the screen without having to manually adjust their size and impacting their perception. Just drag the icon from the bottom dock and place the app window where you want it.

Updated desktop for Mac

The next innovation that will facilitate interaction with macOS, I’m sure Winry is the menu of multitasking in iOS style, which will replace the Mission Control. The designer proposes to combine with the Springboard, will provide an opportunity to more effectively interact with installed programs. There, in his opinion, you could add notifications and a number of other elements.

Third, is the gestures. On macOS already has a very convenient system of gestures, which failed to surpass competitors, but they are not always enough. For example, says Weinrich, on macOS it is not enough gesture to switch between apps by swiping to the right or to the left, say, or gesture-pinch that forces the open app to shift to the left, making room for the new.

Despite the fact that usually designers show in their concerts the most incredible ideas, whose usefulness is highly doubtful ideas that promotes Heinrich look very healthy. Personally, I’d like to try a Mac, which I am sure will prove to be more convenient than the current one.

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