Will detect the phone OnePlus 7 Pro along with the OnePlus 7 on May 14


One of the famous warriors of the day tweeting new on Twitter reveals the exact date of which will be disclosed to series phones OnePlus 7 Series. Moreover, this Twitter New confirm also the health of the previous rumors that stated that he will be revealed also on the phone for OnePlus 7 Pro which is that it will be the first smartphone from the company OnePlus called 5G.

Anyway, the new settlement revealed to us that he will detect series phones OnePlus 7 Series new on the 14th day of May next, as we have already said, this information comes from a source credible is very good on the web. There is even a picture adds more credibility to the content of the tweet.

However, this is not conclusive evidence by any means, and it may be all just unconfirmed rumors. We still have about a month until we can see the company OnePlus breaks the silence on the phone its next flagship.

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