Will bring down the market of payments to depositors of Mt.Gox? Arguments against

Earlier in the week former investor in Mt.Gox and head of the research group WizSec Kim Nilsson said that the payment by the company of compensation to depositors could bring down the exchange rate of Bitcoin. However, in reality this is unlikely to happen. So analysts say the edition of Bitcoin News.

Japanese exchange Mt.Gox — once the largest trading platform, which had been broken in 2015. Hackers stole 850 thousand bitcoins, which at that time was worth 473 million dollars, and as of September 20, 2018 5.44 billion dollars. After the attack the founder of the platform mark Karpeles found on my old purse 200 thousand BTC, which at the moment have enough to cover the debt exchange.

The Bitcoin exchange rate forecast from analyst

Now lenders platform waiting for its compulsory liquidation. After that, 170 thousand Bitcoins will be distributed according to the amounts of deposits. While former customers will receive payment not in bitcoin but in us dollars.

The publication notes that even if 170 thousand Bitcoins at the same time hits the market, there is no chance to influence the course of the first cryptocurrencies.

As of September 2018 through the largest stock exchange per day is the BTC equivalent of more than $ 4 billion. Thus, the payment will amount to only 25 percent of the average daily trading volume.

Moreover, payments are not made in BTC, but in USD. This is another factor in favor of the fact that the market is nothing to fear, the paper concludes.

How the market will react for the payment of Mt.Gox? Waiting for discussion in cryptodata of hontarov.


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