Wikipedia refrain from a show of its protest against the intellectual property law of the European

Announced sites Wikipedia state of the European strike today to protest the new changes posed by the European Union in the laws of intellectual property rights digital.

The union intends to vote next Thursday 26 March the law raises a new ire of many of the to save on a number of controversial substances. Like in Article 11, which allows publishers original content is the imposition of finance charges on the sites if they referred to the link text hyperlink, as well as Article 13, which make the sites the publisher is responsible for what is published They its users of the content of protected intellectual property rights.

Featured sites Wikipedia in European countries in black with a message to the visitor under the law on intellectual property rights new which will be passed by the end of next week. And not Wikipedia alone in this protest, as posted by the sites to another major such as Twitch broadcasting direct to the players. Show videos of the protest on the home page as well as on its accounts on social networks.

VMware is encouraging that the new law allows owners of content to collect their rights when publishing their work on sites Major American, while the cynics view that the politicians who put the articles of the law do not understand the breadth and comprehensiveness of its articles where they adversely affect the freedom of expression via the internet when you apply it.

In particular, Article 13, make all sites that rely on user posted content such as YouTube, Facebook, Sound Cloud and most of the websites today, directly responsible for the content submitted by users will be to fight being violated intellectual property rights.

And the only way for the application of Article 13 would be to conduct a survey before the post content and report if it was available to the publishers of his rights, and that of course is not natural and interfere with the work of each of those sites.

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