WikiLeaks lost access to critical cryptocurrency account

From WikiLeaks was not the best week to say the least. One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase has closed the account of WikiLeaks Shop for the alleged violation of the terms and conditions of service of the exchange. In other words, a website that specializes in the collection of leaks, just lost the ability to convert bitcoin payments into regular Fiat money. Although Coinbase says is not (and never will) the exact reasons, because it has such a right, everything points to its legal regulation, which are in agreement with the American Department for combating financial crimes.

This does not prevent WikiLeaks to accept cryptocurrency, but significantly narrows the range of possibilities of transformation into money. The site will have to look for an alternative if he wants to continue to receive digital money from the buyers, buying shirts and coffee mugs. It is not surprising that the organization is in shock and calls for a “global blockade” Coinbse, arguing that the exchange responds to the “hidden influence”.

As noted by Andreas Antonopoulos, the famous Evangelist of Bitcoin and The Verge, here is the irony: WikiLeaks has begun to accept cryptocurrencies in 2010 to move away from conventional payment services, for which it has disabled access. And formats cryptocurrency like bitcoin cannot be turned off. However, regulators have their own point of view on this matter. WikiLeaks may not be white and fluffy website, but the policy Coinbase goes against the conventional perception of cryptocurrencies, their democracy and accessibility for all.

Meanwhile, the demand for specialists in the field of blockchain is growing and has doubled since the beginning of the year.

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