Widely criticized Google after the announcement of the phones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL!

Days ago Google revealed unveiled new versions of phones Pixels: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Since the end of the conference, Google shares criticism of the match from both sides. Why raised Google all this controversy?انتقادات واسعة لجوجل بعد الإعلان عن هواتف Pixel 4 و Pixel 4 XL

The most important what distinguishes the phones pixels 4 this year – and every year – high end performance camera that makes this year one of the best cameras available in smartphones, if not actually, though there are some other things that can not be overlooked.

In the introduction it was suggested that the storage capacity on only two options: the 64 and 128 GB without the support of the memory External the worst part of this pricing policy is inconsistent make the price of the Pixel 4 starts from$ 800 and the price of the Pixel 4 XL starts from$ 900 with an increase of$ 100 a capacity larger!

There is also another criticism to Google that you put in the phone pixels 4 battery with a capacity of 2800 Milli amp that’s less than the average capacity of the battery in Android phones in general, which raises a lot of concerns about battery life in this version. I will look forward to that point in the future when you provide reliable tests of the battery.

The BBC site also published a report about poor security in the face detection Face Unlock in phones pixels 4 which you open the phone if the user’s eyes closed, which raises security concerns about the ease of unlocking phones when the user is asleep or unconscious.

Commented Google on it that facial recognition technology into phones pixels 4 are currently working actually the way mentioned stated that the property will improve with time through System updates.

Do you see criticism of Google justified?

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