Why you should not wait bullrun Ethereum after the transition to PoS

Ecosystem Ethereum eagerly awaits hard forks Constantinople. It should take place this week and become the first step towards the transition to Proof of Stake in the future. After a previous unsuccessful attempt, the team decided to postpone the launch on 28 February, on the block number 7280000. Although effects of events are impossible to predict, many experts have been configured on the General positive effect on the ecosystem. However, we are unlikely to see a serious jump in coin prices.

Currently on the Ethereum blockchain have the most decentralized applications than any other platform. Public blockchain of the project now caters to billions of dollars, hence there are fears that changing the basis of the Protocol may carry some risks. However, insiders are more worried about how the long-awaited update will affect the state of the infrastructure of Ethereum as a whole, rather than on the cost of the token.

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According to co-founder of Kenetic Jehan Chu, a forthcoming update Ethereum is “a very exciting and crucial moment for the further development of the technology of the blockchain and the community”.

Although I do not expect serious fluctuations in prices, the launch of hardwork can serve as an important trigger for thousands of developers and hundreds of companies, like Levi Strauss, JP Morgan and even the world food programme of the United Nations. Mass shifts consist of small steps, and Constantinople — a huge step towards the development of the Internet.

Recall hardwork Constantinople will reduce the reward per block from 3 to 2 ETN. According to the founder CloseCross Vaibhav Kadekar, in the long term, Ethereum transition from PoW to PoS will make the network faster and cheaper transactions. In the end, it should affect the potential applications of the blockchain, not on the value of the coins.

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