Why you should not believe DxOMark

Often when consumers want to buy smartphone with good camera turn to DxOMark. On the website of the company published tests of cameras of various smartphones. Each unit gets 3 rating: for quality photos, videos, and the total score. A smartphone can offer great quality pictures, but to lose the quality of video, the total result can not fully show the difference. And this is only part of the problems that arise from DxOMark.

DxOMark does not take into account camera features

For example, in the Pixel 3 is function of Top Shot, it selects the best photo out of several. In DxO it is not considered, since such functions do not affect the quality of the photos, but they can influence the experience. DxO also did not consider the function of Night Sight, through which the night photo of Pixel 3 are obtained extremely good.

The company should abandon such a system. You need to enter many different criteria and put each of them separate consideration.

Leaderboard biased

Currently first place on the leaderboard DxOMark is Huawei P20 Pro. It is obvious that the Mate 20 Pro would have scored more in the test score. But why DxO does not test the newest flagship of Huawei? There is one very interesting theory. Most likely, Huawei just doesn’t want to publish the result until someone from manufacturers will not pass P20 Pro. And that’s when the company will introduce a points Mate 20 Pro, to once again show its strength. Otherwise, the rating Mate 20 P20 Pro and Pro will compete with each other.

Most likely, manufacturers can choose which smartphone to pay for testing, and to determine the time of the publication of result. But honestly it? Of course not.

Biased and the tests themselves

Huawei P20 Pro makes great night shots. In DxO evaluate only the result, but the guys do not consider important — you need to wait a few seconds to get the photo. OnePlus 6T, for example, gives a photo after 1 second. Mate Pro 20 has a feature of drawing on photographs, it will appeal to many, but do it during a test?

Audio quality

In the test, DxOMark does not take into account the quality of the audio recording, although this is an important factor.

Testing tools

Manufacturers can purchase DxOMark Analyzer, which are produced tests cameras smartphones. Thus, the pre-test of camera devices, adapting them only under this test. And when they release the device to the market, already know of the points the unit will receive. While there are no guarantees that DxOMark test — the most objective, on the contrary, it shows the position of a DxO on the issue of quality photos and videos. In addition, producers who do not have sufficient funds to purchase DxOMark Analyzer will not be able to pre-adapt the camera for this test.


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