Why you should buy Apple Product Red color?!

Apple TV many of the technical products and sometimes request them in different colors to suit all tastes among these colors: red, a characteristic color is of a private nature, since he’s one of the primary colors and many of the symbols of numerology and more it is linked to charity work for the Apple TV.

لماذا عليك شراء منتجات آبل حمراء اللون ؟!
Why you should buy Apple Product Red color?!

A long time ago, Apple is cooperating with the charity called RED and a Global Fund whose objective is to fight against some infectious diseases, scattered in Africa such as HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. Founded RED in 2006 and was able to collect voluntary contributions amounted to $ 600 million including $ 200 million of the Apple TV.

Say Apple sells some of its products with the color red (PRODUCT)RED to the public and remember part of the proceeds from these products to charity projects adopted by the foundation RED, and every time the consumer buys a device or accessory red of the Apple and the Brand (PRODUCT)RED donates to Apple TV in certain proportions in an interview for RED which cooperate in turn with the Global Fund for expenditure on scientific research conducted on HIV / AIDS and provide treatment in African countries.

لماذا عليك شراء منتجات آبل حمراء اللون ؟!

Arrange philanthropic efforts for the Apple TV and its partners in the central and South Africa, where the disease spreads, has been able to provide treatment to millions to control the disease and its symptoms as there is not yet a panacea for 100% of the disease, and examples of successful so the state of Kenya, which said the rate of spread of the disease and the number infected with the disease by almost half, according to the latest survey of the population in 2017.

More than that, skip the Apple TV to increase the donations made to the charity projects and to fight the disease by donating US $ for every purchase through the service Apple Pay on the Store App Store or stores by the official in the period between 1 to 7 December.

If you intend to buy the iPhone or headphones Beats or even protection cover in red what we have mentioned in the introduction an additional reason to encourage you to get it, or if you interaction between the color red and other colors when you buy from Apple it is better to choose the red color.

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