Why you must update iPhone to iOS 13.2 immediately provide it?

During the past few weeks, has released the Apple TV several updates to the subset on iOS 13 to solve the problems and gaps of its owner the new version since its launch.

However, the sub-version of iOS 13.2 associated with releasing it soon is one of the most important updates subcommittee recommended, even before the arrival of his return! Here are the reasons and what we know about the date of its launch.

Trial versions wholesale

Apple has released until today 4 trial versions (Beta) of update sub iOS 13.2, which is a big number compared to the usual. Hands dance on near the time of the update year, perhaps it will be next week most likely.

Headphones AirPods 3 وBeats Solo Pro

Revealed trial versions for the presence of the second generation of the headset ear wireless, and the site launched Thursday 31 October, so it’s logical for the arrival of the update in conjunction with the launch of the handset.

As Will Apple TV save headphone Beats for sale in its stores on Wednesday, October 30, and it comes with the automatic setting where the numerator of the speaker has to connect with the Apple TV, this requires programming and will the iOS update 13.2.

Features new and improved

It was the launch of the new emoji (Emoji) with the iOS version 13, but it was delayed to become more ready with iOS 13.2, and what we know is that a total of 59 image, comprising an animal of the sloth and skunk want, the foods falafel waffles, butter, and flip rates.

It will also provide the advantage of Deep Fusion, which was exclusive in the lineup of iPhone 11 to models iPhone older, the features are meant to improve night-time integration and processing of more than a picture with before producing the final image.

It provides applied Research that may have an impact in the future of medicine, as will enable the iPhone users of the data sharing application of health with medical studies widely.

Finally, this is some of what was included in the beta version for iOS 13.2, which looks like it will be delayed its launch for a week.

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