Why we know everything about Apple devices before its launch?

There was an old Apple company is defined as very rapid and may not know anything about a product before you launch it. But in recent years changed almost everything we know every single detail about products by months of the announcement of Apple about the most recent example is the iPhone X which is negatively impacting on the company as explained by its Executive Director Tim Cook, where raising the ceiling of the ambitions of the customer and they want something they don’t know. So what’s the secret behind this?

لماذا نعرف كل شيء عن أجهزة أبل قبل إطلاقها؟

Big Apple sales.

You may feel weird but this is the fact the Big Apple is one of the reasons that we know all the details of the products before they are available. Here’s an example to clarify; imagine with me that Samsung has a plant for OLED production capacity of 100 million screen per year which is consumed and 80 million. Any surplus of 20 million screen looking for the buyers for them because these screens used in phones are expensive just difficult providing customers not. And suddenly see a news that Samsung is building a new factory with capacity to manufacture 100 million screen. It is, you see the company that produce the phones I have and you can request this much huge?! Definitely Apple… so is the interpretation of this is that Apple will buy the OLED screens for them. For Ground this is already happening with LG and Sharp as companies embrace sources for OLED they take loans and devices. If everyone knows they want to crop these screens from Samsung.

In a nutshell Apple buys huge quantities of any products which causes the expansion of large factories, the organization that is to monitor, analyse easily that this product/feature/update coming to Apple.

Processing of market shocks

The style famous is used in all areas, namely the “balloon test” which is that the company launches a rumor that she will provide a certain advantage that the rumor be of two benefits, according to the resolution of the company:

◉ The decision was made: a company has changed a great revolution, such as abolition of the separate images such as this resolution was taken and finished; this kind of decision Angers a client, which includes a train of Apple products for emotional reasons. If love is to tell him long before that the phone will come without the sound of a Sigma raises, and days restless and detect the phone and here don’t feel the shock because it knows him since a long time became a reality (although the phone was announced yesterday).

◉ Change different: here the company has a problem is that they are not confident in the resolution or will return fire or not; there is more than one way, which choose to… the solution is the launch and the way I like to pray and they then begin sites “such as the iPhone Islam,” analysis of the news and study it and update the points around it. And then you say Apple leaked the third way is repeated the same thing and the police reaction here decide which way going for it. There are certain interests of Pan-Asian if the change would be in the gear you start the rumor of them the changes in the company and there are other sites specific also feel like Apple told them explicitly on the court and everyone starts in the transportation of them.

Long setup

Imagine with me that you have an army of a quarter of a million soldiers moving. How long you can hide this control even in the absence of satellite and live in the era of the traditional. Days or weeks, but you can’t hide the move always. This is it for Apple. You can choose to experience the cooperation of Apple to buy large quantities of a certain product for a while and can alleviate Apple’s revolutionary change… but that is a further completely different and need the lines of big production and its setting for years! Of course, will cause the command to pray even if Apple wants to speed. Imagine with me the experience Apple wants to produce a car after 5 years. Can you imagine that this news disappears for years?!


We talked in an article yesterday about the patent Apple. Explicitly, the patent is one of the things that are revealed about the future of the company. Here’s a quick example of an Apple watch the second generation. What is their advantage? Make calls without a SIM then it’s partner virtual. When Apple revealed it? In the month of September 2017… what do you think of that back 4 and a half years before this date i.e. January 2013-dip this article in which we talked about a patent for Apple to run devices SIM card default. We live in a complicated world, do a revolutionary product will be your tradition and yourself from the tradition it patented and if patented, will be announced and the competition is your plans, but have a hard here to imitate you. The dilemma isn’t it! But it is a powerful way of news.

Tell us your opinion in the diversion of information and details of products before they are issued and is it unintentional or a deliberate Apple

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