Why wait for the watermark in the images captured with the phones on?

During the last two years, spread out the cries of Strange Company smart phone industry in which companies cross their duties by making camera apps put the watermark reminds us the company name and the type of phone that the photo was taken by sometimes, what annoys many users because for being feeling able to subvert the aesthetic appearance of the image sometimes.

Image result for shot on oneplus 6t

Image result for shot on oneplus 6t

The company would like this feature to demonstrate the superiority cameras on the competition by declaring that any person who watches the image on the social networks, the type of phone and its manufacturer are completely free, i.e., that the goal here is marketing purely.

This this feature is available in phones of many of the companies currently like Shawty, Huawei, OnePlus, despite the fact that Shao is the only one of the three fire phones for sale with this feature activated by default, Yum makes it especially annoying for any user I didn’t think to use his phone after being some difficulties in Go to the settings of the camera and cancel this fully.

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