Why turn companies phones to OLED screens instead of LCD?

At first it was smart phones come with LCD screens, but at the moment, the OLED displays on most flagship phones, has become the general trend is to unify the OLED screens on all smart phones.

Recently, the company realized the extent of the preference of users for OLED, because the manufacture one phone with high quality with OLED display that her photos be dazzled, for his thinking on a number of phones with LCD screens.

This is due to the characteristics of the floppy that come with OLED screens, such as curved limbs, the screen is bendy, and sensors that can be concealed under the screen, the camera hole which is dug with greater ease and accuracy, and in the future to hide the front camera is completely under the screen.

However, it is expected in the future to show the screen of the Micro LED instead of OLED, which is supposed to be the best technique, where the design of lamps, the bottom of the screen in a manner different from OLED until you reach the desired brightness without the need for more energy.

In fact I saw a TV demo of Sony in 2012 with the technology of Micro-LED, as well as from Samsung with a 146-inch at the CES conference 2019, but still got several years until we see Micro-LED in smart phones.

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