Why the future of cryptocurrency is much lighter than it looks? According to early investor

Head Of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver believes that cryptocurrencies will be a very bright future, despite the current negative sentiment in the market. According to him, many investors are afraid of death, financial technology present in its infancy, while Roger himself has no doubt in the further development of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. He has recently talked with representatives from Bloomberg, where he spoke about his long-term vision of cryptocurrencies. As a self-proclaimed “fundamental investor” Ver predicts a long and bright future.

As NewsBTC writes, Roger Ver a fairly ambiguous character in kriptonyte. Someone loves it, someone hates, but cannot deny the contribution of the early Bitcoin investor. Not without his help, the cryptocurrency took the first steps towards widespread adoption. According to Roger, in the future, cryptocurrency will get much more acceptance, they’ll learn much more people, and with them will involve much more events worldwide.

All sorts of pundits like to demonize the cryptocurrency for its alleged use in the cyber crimes, schemes Ponzi or that they crack the crypto currency exchange. But all these events are not nothing but bullish signals. They show that cryptocurrency is already within society, they have sought, and chased after them.

According to Faith, it only provokes even more widespread ecosystems. Because if cryptocurrency was worth nothing, why should the hackers would be hunted and tried to hack the stock exchange?

He argues that for wider adoption of the cryptocurrency in the industry has come a major influential figures. They will be able to create a new economy that will be based on the actual use of the cryptocurrency. Then the coins will become something more than fun for a bunch of speculators. He also added that this was precisely the goal of Bitcoin from the first day of its Foundation. Now the same is the purpose of Bitcoin Cash and his young rival Bitcoin SV.

In fact, I want every cryptocurrency has succeeded. The only way we will be able to bring into the world more economic freedom, and make the currency useful for society.

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