Why the banks will move to cryptocurrency? The answer of the leader Ripple

Despite reports that the Ripple is supposedly distorts the actual amount of XRP on eksrou accounts, blockchain, the company is still working on one of the fastest growing networks in the world. During his speech at the conference of the Swiss national Bank CEO Ripple brad Garlinghouse said that about six percent of transactions in the Swift network require human intervention.

According to him, this will lead to an increase in time and costs. Moreover, the cost here is reflected not only in operating activities, but also the need for “preliminary expenses.”

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He also added that the existing system of cross-border payments is teeming with problems like high costs and time required to process transfers.

By the way, often these “preliminary expenses” borne by those people who least can afford them… instead you should use the digital asset with global liquidity. Today we have this technology open source, called XRP.

Taking this opportunity, he also praised the native cryptocurrency company, Ripple. According to him, it is much cheaper and faster to use in each transaction, and it is supposedly “bypasses Bitcoin a thousand times”. Arlinghaus sure that in the present state of international payments not kept pace with the dynamics of the Internet.

The blockchain technology can change the situation with the delivery of the calculations, eliminating the need for a “Central counterparty”. This is possible due to its unique characteristics, which allows not to rely on a third party.

In your opinion, can Ripple with time take on a niche cross-border payments?

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