Why some people need only 4 hours of sleep to sleep?

It is believed that all people are divided into “owls” and “larks” on the principle of how late they go to bed. Among these “birds” highlights people who do not fall under any of the definitions. The fact that they have a lifelong tendency to sleep only four to six hours a day. And no, they do it not out of necessity, and according to their biological rhythms. The study found that such a feature some people acquired due to a mutation in the gene ADRB1.

According to a new study, some people need only 4 hours to fully sleep

Why people are divided into “owls” and “larks”?

Did you know that the division into “owls” and “larks” went wrong by chance? Biologists have found that such a separation is nothing but a real legacy of our ancestors. Moreover, such regularity in the behavior of individuals might even carry some evolutionary advantage. So, not to be subject to unexpected attack of the enemies, our ancestors were forced to go to sleep not all together but separately, which ultimately led to the division of people into groups with a different mode of sleep and wakefulness.

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Investigating the circadian rhythms of contemporary African ethnicities, leading the way of life of hunter-gatherers, the researchers came to the conclusion that the average sleep time in such communities is about 6 and a half hours a day. In other words, the 8-hour sleep is an invention of the recent time when humanity began to take on a more sedentary life. This fact breaks the myth that the division of people into “larks” and “owls” appeared at a time when the ancient people began to use artificial lighting.

Why do some people sleep 4 hours a day and feel fit?

In 2009, Ying-Hui Fu, Professor of neurology at the University of California at San Francisco, found that the genes of those people who rest enough only about 4 hours, contain a particular mutation in a gene that normally helps regulate circadian rhythms.

The brilliant Thomas Edison slept only 4-5 hours a day

Despite the fact that usually for holidays we need approximately 7-8 hours, many famous people have spent sleep less than 5 hours per day. Had such ability “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher, which is completely to sleep for 4-5 hours, in addition to her unique skill owned by the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison.

Now it is impossible to say how and why there is a mutation in the gene ADRB1, as it is impossible to know whether the carriers of this mutation all of the above well-known personalities.

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The experiment conducted on mice by a team of researcher from the University of California shows that those animals that were carriers of the mutated gene ADRB1 slept much less than their conventional counterparts.

Carriers of the mutated gene ADRB1 are even mice

According to the study, the gene ADRB1 is in the spinal cord of animals and is active even during wakefulness and during REM sleep. The authors note that although this newly discovered mutated gene contributes to short sleep, he’s probably not the only one. Most likely, in our body there are specific areas of the brain that tell our bodies when to go to bed and get up in the morning.

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