Why Satoshi Nakamoto deserves a Nobel prize?

Alfred Nobel died regretting. Making a fortune on explosives, he indicated in his will that his money should go to annual award to those “who brought the greatest benefit to mankind.” Generally acknowledged that the award in his honor was successful — winners looking for a cure for cancer, fight for the world and find exotic bosons. Only a handful of humanity was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine, physics, literature, Economics and peace — and each of the people deserve it for their exceptional work.

However, this 123-year-old Institute begins to die, turning into a system in which the Council primarily rewards the old man for an outstanding job, relatively unknown outside a small circle of their communities. As a result, the prize was almost completely isolated within the academic community, separated from the more widespread achievements world wide. Trying again to feel the connection with the public, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences started to admit more controversial cases. When the Committee wanted to spice up the prize for literature, he was awarded Bob Dylan. Who would he choose to do the same with the prize for Economics? Of Course, Satoshi Nakamoto. The anonymous Creator of Bitcoin.

The “Nobel prize” for Bitcoin

This is not a joke: Satoshi Nakamoto deserves a Nobel prize. For the first time in the history of mankind Nakamoto invented a way to remove financial intermediaries. The creation of Bitcoin is a major and irreversible event, which today affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It formed the basis for technologies that appeared in the blockchain, smart contracts and economic theory tokenization assets. Ask anyone on the street and he heard about bitcoins. But he had not heard of contract theory or behavioral Economics for these works were awarded prizes recent winners. This does not detract from their work — they are beautiful in their academic circles — but cryptocurrencies have an impact on the modern economy, which cannot be overemphasized.

Some outstanding scientists have recognized this achievement. Dr. bhagwan Chaudhry, Professor of Finance at the University of California at Los Angeles, received the question in 2016 from the Nobel Committee about who to nominate for the award and chose Satoshi Nakamoto. Unfortunately, the Committee refused, citing the anonymity of the Creator of Bitcoin. Press Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in his explanation of variances noted that “the award, as in this case, is not awarded posthumously or anonymously”.

Dr. Chaudhry in response proposed to accept the award instead of his nominee, and after receiving the awards be exchanged for bitcoins and sent to the most probable digital address Nakamoto. Funny, not only the fact that Nakamoto is not available as a hermit, but what is the prize in monetary terms, it certainly would prefer to take digital gold. In the digital age, where words are instantly transmitted across the globe, physical presence becomes irrelevant, as the anonymity Nakamoto is irrelevant for the audience award.

If the stubbornness of the Committee stems from the belief that the winners must respect the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, he might need to ask yourself what is more important: the pride of the institution or the achievement of honor award. Nakamoto, of course, would be disputed by the winner: he has no respect for the institutions that support the status of the Nobel prize. But sometimes innovation introduces new energy into the system. The world, of course, we need doctors, but also need hackers, innovators, and other “outcasts” polite world, who is forced to revisit the heart of any system. Formal reward becomes useless when it is unable to award informal, but very important for the world achievements.

In a period of major technological and social transition, the Nobel Committee could demonstrate foresight, elevating the work of one of the most profound innovators of the world. The creation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency marked a huge change for any field of Economics, including game theory, and should be recognized as an aging apologists of the old world. Because the words of Nakamoto will form the basis of 21st century Economics: a decentralized medium of exchange, samoobsluzhivaniya technology as was never done before throughout human history.

The anonymity Nakamoto, this award would be symbolic. And anonymity is better emphasizes the very essence of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin appeared thanks to the joint work of many people and continues to evolve and improve, thanks to the efforts of experts in cryptocurrency. Awarding any of them, the Nobel Committee would be deprived of the contribution of others. Satoshi Nakamoto, being unknown and anonymous mastermind behind this movement, could become a symbol of cryptocurrencies in General, and you can be sure, anybody in the world of cryptocurrencies approved the nomination Nakamoto.

If the sole basis of the Committee for rejection of nomination Nakamoto will be the absence of the nominee, then the Nobel prize in need of decentralization. Alfred Nobel established a prize in his honor, to encourage ideas and attitudes that he wanted to see from the world. The Nobel prize, in its essence, never cared about who got it, rather about what it receive. If you remove man from the equation will remain his achievements. Satoshi Nakamoto, as none other knew it and felt.

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