Why overtake iOS apps on their counterparts from Android?

Longer applications are the core component of what makes our phones smart, whether it’s related to gaming or business-critical, where that app stores are of help for keeping operating systems alive, proven by the death of the Windows platform for phones because of the lack of strong support of developers.

Features Android in this aspect that allows anyone to develop any application that wants to is completely free, so cost will be published on the App Store and Google Play after that just $ 5, and will not need more than your phone to test the app, with the presence of many of the testing services virtualization that help developers ensure that their software problems and errors.

But at the same time, we usually find that even the best and most popular apps Android look bad compared to iOS, includes all of the Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, so that their appearance and performance is always better on the iPhone compared to Android.

In fact, the development of apps for iOS is easier than Android, so that models of iPhone, iPad is very limited making it easy to learn the different variables in each device and make sure it fits all, while the diversity of Android’s massive phones of different sizes imposes on developers making apps to fit with the different devices, where it is the most expensive on the Samsung phones in this range.

This despite the fact that a lot of people believe that the difference between the application of both systems has decreased during the past years, however, when compared to the offline applications, we still noticed the difference clearly, which is what the work Google is constantly on the improve it by providing more tools to developers to accelerate system updates for various phones.

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