Why not take seriously the concepts of smartphones

On the Internet you can often find news that are associated with the publication of various concepts of smartphones. Lately I’ve been extremely skeptical of this information, and in this article we’ll attempt to determine its position on this matter. You should start with the fact that there are three kinds of concepts. The first is based on the leakages in the form of text information, the second is based on the fusion Network pictures of smartphones, and the third type of concepts is merely the embodiment of fantasy of the Creator.

As a rule, the main task of the Creator of the concept to draw attention to their social page. As a rule, the concepts make it too unrealistic. The final version of the smartphones don’t get so thin frames, or the same epic. Therefore, the concepts basically offer consumers the wrong idea about the smartphone.

Concepts The Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

In this regard, when a person sees that the real device was much worse, and the media portrayed the concepts as the most realistic, he is not willing to buy a new device because of too high expectations.

In addition, many resources are cashing in on the concepts, giving them a nearly real smartphones. Concepts give rise to the so-called “jaundice”, which negatively affects the credibility of resources. But if different resources will not even lie, giving the concept is not for real, and for someone’s imagination, many users will take this news a picture of the real device, without going into the meaning of the word “concept” when talking about the smartphone market.

Therefore, the concepts they are causing more harm than help users better understand the appearance of the future smartphone. Interested to know your opinion on this matter. Of course, some of the concepts are really very realistic, but it happens very rarely, and only man, good savvy, will be able to intelligently allocate decent options.

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