Why not glue the cheap screen protectors smartphone

What ritual makes the majority of users after purchasing a smartphone? Of course, rewarded with new clothes in pouches, bumpers and screen protectors to protect it from scratches, chips, or, God forbid, more serious damage. Use of the apparatus, dressed in hundred odezhek, of course, not as nice as a cooling hand glass-metal gadget, but so you can be sure that even after a year or two, when the time comes to change to a new smartphone, the old man will be in perfect condition. Another thing is that some accessories designed to protect, conceal in themselves huge danger.

To protect the display film can only cautiously

According to colleagues from GizChina, they were contacted by a reader who told us an amazing story. He recently ordered from eBay a protective film in a gel base for my Galaxy S10. The seller promised that this film is not only getting easier than usual, thanks to special composition, but has higher strength. In the end, this film will last as long as possible, and its ends will not come off in the process of operation, exposing the screen exposing it to the risk of getting scratches. And because it is a miracle worth just $ 3, our hero, without hesitation, agreed and issued the order.

How to hack the fingerprint scanner

After some time after the beginning of the film, the user realized that it completely negates the work of the built-in screen fingerprint scanner. Therefore, anyone could take the smartphone in hand, attach the finger to unlock, even if the fingerprint has not previously been entered into memory. No, the scanner was not built into the film itself, as some might think. First, it is likely impossible because of the dimensions of the film, and, secondly, it could be overlooked because of its transparency. Just so happened that the scanner began to recognize all of the fingerprints as the fingerprints of the owner.

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As it happened, hard to say. According to one version, the reason that the scanner began to remove the lock all in a row, was the imprint of the owner, which is preserved on film. So when someone else puts his finger on the screen, scanned — pardon the tautology — engraved imprint. Don’t know if that’s possible, but as the version is quite good. Moreover, another, more logical explanation to think practically impossible, and a similar method to hack the scanner Galaxy S10 really exists, confirming that 100% safe dactyloscopus in nature.

Why you should not buy Chinese accessories

However, even if the story told colleagues from GizChina, untrue, ignore the quality and origin of accessories for smartphones still should not be. It is known that the attackers purposefully inserted into the power adapter Wi-Fi modules and drives which enable them to spy on users and collect the necessary information. So, if you’re lucky and you don’t get in the accessory-cracker, can happen what happens often film, cable or case from Chinese artists can just go down already in the first week of use due to poor quality, forcing you to pay again.

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