Why most people choose iPhone instead of iPhone 11 11 Pro

Not so long ago the network appeared in a number of reports that iPhone 11 exceeded expectations with sales at an early start (since just a little over a month). However, the new report of experts of CIRP improve clarity and makes it clear that the iPhone 11 – not just “gold ingot” for Apple; it’s a smartphone, which acts as a driver of sales of the entire line.

Price is often the deciding factor

Many still do not understand, why buy a device with LCD-screen, even with the worst camera (even cheaper), if you can take flagship device (iPhone 11 Pro) and not to think about changing smartphone for several years. But statistics is that the price in the end acts as a decisive factor, and buyers are willing to sacrifice the camera and some other functions.

The differences between iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Pro

IPhone has 11 IPS-screen, but someone like it more

The point is that you must have a good reason to buy the iPhone for 90 thousand rubles, when Apple lures price iPhone 11 65 thousand rubles. Moreover, both smartphones have a new ultra-wide camera, night mode, video recording capabilities and nearly identical photography (here we compare in detail). The only difference between them is that the Pro model gives you a 2x telephoto lens.

Yes, iPhone 11 Pro has the best screen — OLED vs LCD (although debatable), and higher DPI. But the display of the base model is still very good. A little thicker frame visible, but you get used to them after a few days. iPhone 11 Pro has better water resistance (4 m vs 2 m) and additional storage 512 GB (vs 256 GB), and offers an extra hour of battery life, which is really never a bad thing.

What cool iPhone 11 Pro — it has a beautiful textured back part of frosted glass and stainless steel, unlike ordinary glass and aluminium iPhone 11, but most people, it turns out, do not look at it, so in practice this is not a huge advantage.

Many people choose iPhone 11 Pro because of the texture of the rear panel

Personally I wouldn’t go to a larger frame in the iPhone 11, and I often use a telephoto lens in your iPhone 11 Pro Max, but I have recommended many friends to choose the base model, if price is an issue more important than the differences listed above. And the color of solutions more: iPhone 11 comes in purple, yellow, green, black, white and red colors. iPhone 11 Pro is offered in green, a classic “grey space”, silver and “gold” color. And what guided you when you purchase the iPhone? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

The popularity of the iPhone 11

According to analysts, at least in the U.S., Apple could sell as many iPhone 11, how iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max together. Reports indicate that sales of the latest models were divided like this:

  • iPhone 11: 49 %
  • iPhone Pro 11: 31 %
  • iPhone Pro 11 Max: 20 %

That is, the iPhone 11 is not just a popular smartphone, it “exports” all sales.

The recent actions of Apple confirm this information. Sources in the supply chain referenced in the Digitimes report that Apple is ramping up production of the iPhone 11 and reduces orders for iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. We first hear reports of increased production from the Apple to meet the high demand for new models in most of the world, but the company often looked in the direction of the flagship models. In this case, the price was the deciding factor: people need available iPhone, and iPhone 11, iPhone iPhone SE XR and is already proven. No wonder Apple is likely preparing a successor to the SE in March next year.

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