Why miss Apple on Friday in the area of smart watches?

Previously it was a wristwatch used either in the Battle of the time or in the increasing elegance, now that the hour hand has become used to in the follow-up health status, make calls, use applications and also in the follow-up sleep which means the simple statement that smart watches have become the technology of a modern and attractive which entail a big sales.. so can Apple to leave such a field without killing him?🤔

In this article we talk about the journey of Apple in the smart watch market and how it now has become dominating on this market is also evident’ll give you the reasons for control that by taking a look at the efforts of other companies to compete in this market, are you a tramp? Let’s start..

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple was forced to enter new markets

The world in a previous article about the fact that Apple is trying to enter in more than one area and more of the market, such as market services so as not to be completely dependent on sales of the iPhone this is because as we know Sales of the iPhone continuing to fall markedly and it is not a secret. To save Apple itself from drowning with the sinking of the iPhone, the company decided to put her hand on the area of wearable devices and diligence in this market significantly, and it was.

In the second quarter of the current year which falls between April and June achieved the Apple sales amounted to US $ 5.5 billion depending on the wearable devices which are outstanding in the Apple Watch Apple Watch and also hear Apple AirPods Wireless, In this way the amount Apple has made the growth reached 48% compared with the same period last year, and is a massive Of course.

If we talk in the language of numbers must we resort to statistics and analysis, here we find that The International Data Corporation has found that Apple has sold about 13 million wearable only in the first three months of 2019, that while the company Counterpoint Research had reported that one of every three hours is shipped globally is in fact an hour of Apple in the same quarter.

Here we get to that Apple controlling heavily on the wearable device market in general the market of smart watches in particular this brings us the interesting part: how can Apple be controlled on one-third of sales of smart watches alone in the presence of companies like Samsung, Google, Huawei and also specialized companies such as Fitbit!

Google is no longer trying anymore.

Can you tell me quickly and without thinking too much the names of the three hours working system Wear OS your Google on? It will be hard for you, certainly, on the other hand, did you find that one of your friends who have the H running Wear OS may I suggest you buy one for yourself? The answers to these questions will be frustrating.

Here we don’t know whether the blame falls on Google or on companies that use system run in an hour its smart because it and not one of them has defrauded the other, as companies such as Samsung, LG and Motorola have abandoned the Android Wear-or Wear OS – a long time ago where that Samsung is now using its own system, Motorola kind of pulled out of the game completely and LG is still trying to.. like Google.

What live system Wear OS is that Google instead focus on improving battery power consumption, improve systems of follow-up health and improve the performance of the system focused on improving the interface use only! This is what has happened with her watch Pixel Watch, which did not achieve the success is the other.

Quite simply, Google have failed in the development of the operating system and also failed to provide a smart watch of its own and really no one knows why where Google is certainly able to compete with Apple in this market with all the ferocity! What do you think about this part?

Samsung lost their focus for a long time

Did you know that the Apple Watch in the first generation has needed only eight months to control more than half the sales of the smart watch? At this time there was an hour there and trying to take part of this market… of these watches we find the LG G Watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live.

The Apple Watch in its fourth generation Series 4 doesn’t look from the outside like the first generation than the previous but when you take that capacity and energy consumption and also ease of use we see that the Apple Watch is continuing to develop and that unlike Samsung for example H Galaxy Watch Active the last Samsung jelly its first and second differ entirely from hours Samsung in the sixth form, but when talking about capacity, energy consumption… etc., we find that developments and improvements are very few and this is the key difference between Samsung and Apple.

Hours Apple has identified its core objectives from the outset so that the former offer advantages many interesting health or even survival features like Fall Detection that you call for emergency in case the wearer ill all this coupled with the fact that the design of the Apple Watch is not bad at all. Samsung on the other hand don’t do this whole thing where they work on design development user interface, a fault of Google itself and when they wanted Samsung to take a step forward, announced the launch of features such as the EGC provided by Apple long ago.

As for other companies such as Huawei and Fitbit they are ready to develop and launch smart watches the new year after year… only they don’t smile a lot on the Samsung parking download of where mistakes simply lead the rest to Apple because they offer hours effective and useful, especially as it will soon get feature sleep tracking to become more perfect.

Do you own a smart watch from Apple? And do you own a smart watch from another company before? If the answer is yes popcorn us your experience albeit not popcorn your opinion in the article!



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