Why leaks about smartphones only harm society

How to understand what will be the phone that the manufacturer wants to present? You need to “Google” and you will see all information including renderings of the device. But is it necessary? We become hostage to our desire to obtain as soon as possible data about the device. Remember when someone lost iPhone 4 in a bar? The noise was a lot, but today it is no surprise photos of the smartphones made randomly in the subway. Not surprise even the professional reviews.

I watched the video review of the Google Pixel 3 XL from Ivan luchkova and Rozetked? Vendors, including Google, do not even try in any way to hide not yet available phones. And at the hands of the XL Pixel 3. Google did not respond.

Remember Pixel 3 Lite, which is fully declassified all the same guys from Rozetked and Andro-News. Of course, they cannot be blamed for what they did wrong in this situation, could not do otherwise in virtue of their profession. The same applies to likstanov who publish on the web photos and renders of the phones, citing its own sources. If they cease to drain into the Network of photos of phones and information on them? Of course not. It’s their job and they earn.

The leaks

As a result of various thefts people have lost all desire to watch the next presentation of the phones. For example, not so long ago the Network appeared pictures of the Galaxy S10. Hard to protect against this, when the situation covering all media. But if I have — as the author of articles — not to write about it, not to spin this information? Of course not, because the media are going for the natural flow of information is not told about something, they become uninteresting to the readers.

What remains?

A way out in this situation I do not see. Producers need to seriously approach the issue of security and control of the production process, to the drawings of the phones magically appeared in the hands of likstanov that further on their basis to create renders.

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