Why late Apple in the launch of the platform shipping AirPower is?

It was expected to launch the Apple platform wireless charging AirPower early 2018, but it did not do, according to a new report from Bloomberg that the company is experiencing technical problems and that we will wait the arrival of the product with a iPhone 2018, in September next.

Add the circles concerned, equivalent to engineers of Apple from the high temperature of the charging plate during charging several devices at one time which may cause damage to the devices charged.

Prior to that, he was suffering engineers of the integrating sensor of multiple charging device, so that users can put their devices on the motherboard and get the shipment ready and durable.

The report added that Apple has watered down version of the iOS system and slide specially designed for AirPower, working both on improving the conjugations managing energy.

Since the lineup for its new iPhone will support wireless charging, will be a panel AirPower an important part of the upcoming event in September, and even then recommends the Apple TV using the accessories company Mophie and Bekin as a temporary solution.

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