Why it took Apple a long time to provide a charger by the wireless AirPower

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Praised jony ive Jony Ive, the chief designer of Apple’s launch of the future of wireless is a new when offered manufacturer iPhone Ear Headphones wireless AirPods in 2016, and explained that the future is moving towards connected devices the company shipped without wires and facilities, the next step was the possibility of providing wireless charging feature for the iPhone, and the ability to put products Apple TV main on the mat and charging for energy by a process known as inductive charging.

And it took the arrival of this supplement longer because of a series of technical obstacles, which led to a slowdown of the company’s strategy wireless and highlight the supply-chain challenges that have hampered the operations of product launches in recent years, the company said Apple in the month of September it can charge your iPhone X and iPhone 8 wireless, recommended using products from Mophie and Belkin, in an unusual step for a company specialized in the manufacture of consumer devices.

As Apple announced in September 2017 for the charger by the wireless AirPower, but they said it won’t be released until 2018, and since then talk about me by Apple about the middle of AirPower, and maintained the company’s engineers stay away from the problems related to this area, representing the process of making sure not to increase the temperature of the charger one of the challenges, in the form of electronic circuits on another challenge.

The company worked on the design of the charger by the wireless AirPower to charge three devices at one time is the iPhone iPhone and Apple TV smart-Apple Watch headphones وAirPods wireless, unlike the chargers and wireless available in the market, you want Apple users to be able to put any of their devices at any place within the mat shipping to start A shipping process.

This requires the ambitious goal of the company that includes a AirPower multiple sensors shipment, a process which was proving difficult, the company said last year that the shipper relies on the technique of shipping custom that you intend to integrate it with the Qi standard for wireless charging.

Official said the company provided Apple manufactures devices for wireless charging of the iPhone, the construction of the technical device charging multiple devices is a challenge because it is likely that the device requires components of charging different size of the three types of devices, which will interfere in all over the mat shipping.

Considered charger AirPower wireless more sophisticated compared to the chargers current wireless competition, because it includes a chip dedicated to the Apple TV to run a watered-down version of the operating system of mobile devices our iOS iOS, so expect this chip functions power management within the device and pairing with devices rechargeable, as engineers work Apple TV also on closing the gaps relating to the software and firmware.

Shares fell company Energous Corp. which developed wireless charging system called WattUp, the company said it is working with hardware makers of the first level, which stirred speculation about the possibility to be a partner for Apple TV, where the manufacturer iPhone a combination of the components of its own chip technology wireless standard Qi.

And Apple produce shipper, in partnership with Pegatron Corp, a Taiwanese company working on the construction of some devices iPhone also, moved the company to mention a specific date to ask wireless charger AirPower during the current year, but the engineers were hoping to launch the shipper by the month of June, it seems that the goal in the device for sale now turned to the month of September.

He said some Apple engineers in recent months the strengthening of the test device through the use of it as their own in the place, said Ben pajara the Ben Bajarin, an analyst firm Creative Strategies research: “we hope to learn Apple a lesson to not only learn about the products proven capable of provided soon or immediately announced,” the analyst believes a slight effect on the long-term because the middle of AirPower is part of the strategy much more will develop over the years.

Designers are hoping Apple to be able to eventually remove most of the ports and buttons of the external on the iPhone, including the charging port, as the Thought Police seriously as it is developed for iPhone X remove the charging system traditional wired fully, but that wasn’t possible at that time because the wireless charging was still slower than traditional methods, how to add a wireless Charger for phones iPhone new would raise the price of the phones significantly.

Became wireless accessories a key way for Apple to differentiate its products, it is the Sync feature headphones AirPods wireless and smart Apple Watch with other products, useful features, and accessory high-priced compatible only with Apple devices to give consumers more reasons to question devices iPhone computers iPad compared to smart phones and tablets competition.

Supervised Tim Cook Tim Cook, CEO of the company on the shipment of hundreds of millions of devices main since he took office in 2011, and for many years previous during his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of operations, but faced Apple TV delays with almost every new supplement released in recent years, where the form of the Apple watch smart the first extension of a major new device the iPhone is launched under the management of Tim Cook.

And advertising Arena in 2014, were marketed for sale in early 2015, with the beginning of its sale in limited quantities at the end of April, said Apple to issue more models across the stores in the month of May and June, as it was hard to find pencil Apple Pencil wireless announced in 2015 in retail stores for several weeks.

Announced Apple TV on headphones AirPods Wireless in 2016, the company plans to roll out in October, but she reached up with solutions to the festive season in the month of December, the year after, it was announced that tweeter home smart HomePod in the month of June 2017, with the intention to put on the market in helwan in December of that year, but was delayed until February of this year.

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