Why it is advised to disable fast shipping in phones? How do you do it?

Considered fast shipping one of the most important achievements in the world of smartphones over the past years, where the rapid charging function populates the phones battery in about an hour instead of two hours or more, but why would you want to reduce or prevent your phone from using the feature of Quick Charge?

Cons Fast shipping

Did not provide quick shipping years ago for the obvious reason more than others, which is the risk of charging the phone battery quickly, but technical development to make this water safe considerably, however it remains very little possibility of exposure to battery damage and possibly explosion.

Although the Fast shipping safe to a high degree, it puts effort to plus on the battery during charging, which may cause a weak battery quickly discharged in the long term, especially for anyone who wants to use his phone for two years.

There is always the problem of overheating during fast charging compared to a normal person who does not generates pressure recall on the battery, so it is always recommended to avoid running the Games strong while the phone is charging to avoid overheating of the battery which may harm the components of the internal phone.

And as already mentioned, we recommend that you disable the Fast shipping and the implementation of normal shipping operations from time to time, especially for those who do not mind charging their phones at a slow pace. In this regard also I would like to point out that many studies have confirmed the survival charge your phone between 40%-80% positively affects the battery life in the long term.

How do you do normal shipping for your phone

1 – some manufacturers left in the battery settings option to disable fast charging, like Samsung devices: go to Settings > maintenance the device > battery and then click on the more menu (three dots top right of the screen) to disable the option of fast charging.

2. buy a charger does not support Fast shipping from an official agent for the manufacturer of your phone, and you can distinguish the charger regular charger rapid where you will find that the latter only holds any of the following words:
“quick charge”- “fast charge”- “dash charge” – the “adaptive fast charging”.

To check more precisely, you find a description of the normal charger: 5 volts, 2 amps or less.

3 – charge your phone by USB also or console which supports charging.

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