Why Israel gave up the second flight to the moon?

Israeli company SpaceIL, which built the spacecraft “Genesis” in the hope to take first place in the competition Google Lunar XPRIZE for the development of a lunar probe in April 2019 failed — it created the device crashed while landing. Despite the crushing defeat, the company did not despair, and at the moment is already the development of “Genesis-2”. It was thought that he would do his predecessor started the business, and still land on the surface of the earth satellite, but no — the company officially announced that they do not intend to return to the moon.

The device is “Bereshit”, is equipped with six 8-megapixel cameras, a magnetometer, a digital time capsule and laser corner cube reflectors, weighed 585 pounds, and cost $ 95 million. He became the first private unit, which successfully circled the moon and walked on its orbit. His crash occurred due to a malfunction in the inertial sensor, and this problem will probably be corrected in the “Genesis-2”, but otherwise the novelty will be identical to the original.

“Genesis-2” will not fly to the moon

The development of the second version of the device is due to the money that the company received from XPRIZE even a bad landing. After a few days of the collapse of the first version, the head of the Morris Kahn announced that they had begun to be completed — that is, they were going to attempt landing a similar apparatus to the surface of the moon.

A couple months later, on June 25, the company’s plans changed dramatically. During a long conversation the members of the Board of Directors of SpaceIL decided that the unit “Genesis-2” better not to return to the crash site of its predecessor. You would think that the company simply lowered his hands, but she explained his decision by saying that the moon landing is “not a breakthrough achievement, and puts the team in quite a serious task.”

What actually will the camera “Genesis-2”, now no one knows the company wants to listen to the suggestions of the General public. Details about how you can share your ideas, will be published later.

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