Why is the United States to pay with Starbucks card is more popular than Apple Pay, and in Russia — on the contrary?

It is no secret that Russia is among the leaders in the number of transactionsmade via the payment system Apple Pay. Over the past six years, the volume of transactions of Russians on payment cards has doubled, and the number of payments rose as much as 3.5 times, and last year the popularity of payment services Apple Pay and Android Pay in Russia caused the reduction of the volume of cash withdrawal from ATMs of the country for the first time in 10 years. Interesting, but in the homeland of these services in the United States, the picture is quite different.

Does the US love coffee more than any other purchase?

Why is the US not using Apple Pay

Americans can and would be glad to use Apple Pay, only to pay using this system there is possible far not everywhere. In Russia, with the help of Apple Pay you can pay for purchases in almost every store that accepts a credit card, as we have mentioned in our Telegram chat. And many us retailers are still reluctant to accept this type of payment. According to research by eMarketer, Apple Pay can pay in 70% of stores in the US only by 2019! Only 70 %, and when at least 90 %?

What is still paying the Americans, if not Apple Pay or Google Play? You will be surprised, but this month the most popular mobile platform for payments (if you can call it that) was… mobile Starbucks app! Yes, the same one with which every day I buy coffee (put money on a virtual card and pay with it), cups, desserts and other food in this establishment. And in October of this year, the number of users of Apple Pay in the US was 30 million, while Starbucks has 25 million.

It is expected that about 64 million people (30% of all smartphone users in the US) will use mobile payments this year, which is 9.1 % more than in 2018. From the point of view of demography, almost 50% of all smartphone users are adults aged 25 to 34 years. Mobile payments growth will be most noticeable in this age group, although the use of digital wallets is growing everywhere, — analysts say.

It looks like the Starbucks card for payment

Why the US can’t implement a system just like in Russia?

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The difference in the banking systems of Russia and the USA

This question goes back far into the past. The US banking system is much older and it does not play into her hands because the big banks are very slow to implement new technologies. Even SMS notifications appeared there later, not to mention Internet banking. At that time, as the Russian banks make it possible to pay most bills online, after scanning the camera, often you need us to photograph a paper receipt and then send it to the Bank. Therefore, advanced system intelligence and transparent cashback Card Apple caused a storm of emotions. They just before this, almost nobody did.

In the United States is still a very popular system of paper invoices

Therefore, because of his “youth” Russia was prepared for Apple Pay is far better than the United States. Of course, its role is played by payment systems MasterCard and Visa who require the representatives of national retailers to equip their stores with the terminals with built-in modules near field (NFC), but the users did not disappoint — they understand that it is easier to add in Wallet 2-3 cards and not carry a purse at all.

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