Why is the Galaxy Note 9 phone a distinctive and a strong contender for the other?

I didn’t fail the company Samsung fan when detect phone Galaxy Note 9 New, there are new although not submitted to the design characteristic or a whole new has succeeded in providing specifications and features that would make it one of the best phones series Note at all where the phone is a strong return for the company on more than one side allows him to appropriate a number of phones which other companies topped the blowing up of the giant South Korean recently. In this article, we look at what is offered by Samsung to make the phone the new version featured in the series.

Card Great return to competition

Since the disaster of Note 7 and Samsung had decided to take a truce in the updated batteries. After the battery explosion of cell phones Note 7 in 2016 the company with a capacity of batteries less than the competitors. During this period took advantage of a number of companies led by Huawei employee to become phones batteries great out Samsung from the competition in this aspect. But this time Samsung decided to go back and put a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh finally. Certainly the competition will not end here, but at least it returned the Samsung.

Catch up with artificial intelligence

Characteristic of artificial intelligence is one of the most representative of that used by companies currently, the sentence became much more often in advertising campaigns. Whether you are of those who feel that this is more useful for real or are they state issues just season cause of this knee that has a number of other companies, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 the company introduced a number of nurses that are available this time either for the camera or the other. Samsung has a great opportunity to offer something special this time being phones Note custom productivity since its inception.

Touch Pen the best in the history of the series

With the company keep features Touch Pen S Pen of the former has added Samsung this time water the largest in the history of the pencil touch the iconic a feature to connect via Bluetooth. The Touch Pen Bluetooth use it in a number of things cream to die for in music videos, on after Lori dies the camera also and in addition to being the pen is programmable which means you can put custom commands you prefer for the button.

Killed Samsung stores users about charging the pen and you are restricted to charge the phone bescletta significantly assured that it will not happen and that the pen shipped with a new make it sharpens quickly so you can use it for hours.

This is topic why is the Galaxy Note 9 phone a distinctive and a strong contender for the other? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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