Why is the app AppleInsider.ru does not work on iOS 12

Almost every day our office receives letters asking why the app AppleInsider.ru does not work on iOS 12. We decided to clarify the issue, to anybody did not arise until the official release of the operating system this fall.

At the moment, iOS 12 is in beta status. Apple first releases a beta for developers who have this practical favor, and the rest is essentially just satisfy their curiosity. It is understood that when fully ready to work and not able to bring inconvenience, his version will not be called a beta. Public beta release for users to help Apple identify bugs, not that they could before the others install the update.

At the time when Apple releases a beta, our developers also do not sit on the spot — they carefully consider how the application AppleInsider.ru works with every update to the stable release, it worked on iOS 12. To release, update for each beta version for obvious reasons makes no sense (and they do not miss the Apple App Store), and none of the developers do not. So, when comes the final version of iOS app builders to massively release updates in the App Store. Until that time, some programs may work, others either “fly” or not run.

It is therefore not surprising that the application AppleInsider.ru while unstable running on iOS 12 — no doubt, to the final release everything will be fixed. And don’t forget to install the beta software is entirely at your own risk.

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