Why is suing the Assembly company Apple?

Regardless of the big issues of the semi-permanent between Apple and other large companies such as Qualcomm, Samsung and others due to patent or keep. However, there are other cases against Apple uploaded by users of the Apple devices themselves, of which issues the famous related to slow performance. At this time, they see that Apple has misled them or that they misunderstood those things due to the policy of Apple in the presentation of their products and marketing. Is it really these people do in that case? Or is that just the allegations to get money from Apple TV? This is what we would like to know, after our show the details of those issues.

A woman rejects a case against Apple because of the notes

The sheet or extrusion to your iDevice iPhone is known to all, this is the part flowing from the top of the screen of the iPhone X and later contains system fingerprint Face ID.

And what happened, that the movement might be marketing from Apple, introduced phone background deliberately by hide notes. Where they exploited the properties of the OLED screen which is of non-run pixels in the Black color introduced the black background when the area of the sheet even hide it completely. This background is what has been marketing to the new phones through them. He claimed that woman, those photos are misleading, and then filed a case against Apple.

In a complaint filed last Friday in the province of Northern California, the lawyers accused Ms. Courtney Davis Apple as the design of the particular wallpapers hide notes, prompting Davis to believe that the iPhone XS Max that booked the pre-orders will come of that note.

She said the complaint ” photos that hide the pixels missing on the screen of the products to appear prominently on the website of the defendant, as well as in ads for retailers who sell Apple products. The reliance on these images by the developed states, where I thought that your i-phone XS and XS Max wouldn’t be where it notes. The complaint on other things, including the claim of Apple to not calculate the pixels on the corners of the device in its advertising, because it is misleading as it will come.

This is the first time that are checking in the audio marketing on the latest Apple devices legally. We have mentioned in a previous article that he perhaps deliberately Apple TV this step in order to hide the extrusion.

In another complaint the introduction of the lady above in addition to the A person named Christian Sponchiado to sue Apple because of its declaration of the wrong shape for the screen size and the number of pixels your phones iPhone X and iPhone XS and-iPhone XS Max .

Where they claim that these phones do not contain the resolution of the screen advertised not contain the pixels of the screen advertised in the product description – instead of having subpixels branch in red, green and blue, the iPhone X contains two sub-units only in each pixel, according to the lawsuit. And those phones are supposed to inform the accuracy 2436×1125 pixels. They claimed that the iPhone 8 Plus has a screen of higher quality than the iPhone X.

Given the size of the screen, and they said that Apple lied about the sizes of the screens where added to the corners Walnut to those measurements according to their complaint. It is supposed to be the size of the screen of the iPhone X the size of 5.8 inches, but prosecutors said they only 5.6875 inches!

Oddly enough it came in the lawsuit that Mr. Davis suffered from injuries during their access to the phone. But it is not clear in the lawsuit how differing pixels or having notes to that the occurrence of those injuries.

Why suing everyone Apple TV?

It is noted that anyone who has the slightest doubts about Apple devices, it immediately says the case against her. Are you due to get a bunch of money to communicate about those issues? That is mostly related to things small and insignificant. In one case a woman carried the 83-year-old suing Apple for a million dollars, because she crashed into the glass door in one of its stores.

And this woman is to Glass The Anointed One and the very is causing this mess. And the fault of Apple they wipe the glass and clean it?

In some of the big issues. For example, has been sued Apple by a company called FlatWorld Interactives, which claims that all Apple products from touch violate its patents.

And another by a company Potter Voice Technologies v. Apple on voice control functions in the computer. Claim it’s their intellectual property and that violation of the patent to them.

There is a class action lawsuit claiming that Siri doesn’t work properly and most of the questions are often not understood, or can’t answer them.”The idea of Arab users” is the US having a claim against Siri Arab.

So if you ever want to have a successful company, that it can be used with a large army of lawyers to defend you?Otherwise your company is a mine of gold is inexhaustible.

Compared with those persons we as Arabs, if we track our companies and their products such as slimming products, trade, etc. I think if we made many mistakes but the reason for the closure of those companies before you open!

Why do you think the abound to issues of general against Apple and the strange things? And did you see her things ready or are they natural rights of each person.


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