Why is not the sale of the official cases for iPhone XR

In Russia started official sales iPhone XR — one of the most exciting smartphones of the company in the truest sense of the word. The novelty is presented in six different colors — the choice available as classic variations in black and white and brighter colors — blue, yellow, coral, and red design. It would have been nice if not for one thing — in the official retail never showed the original leather and silicone cases for iPhone XR. What can be the reason?

If you look at the range of accessories for iPhone XR in the official online Apple store, you may find that the company has not released any case for your smartphone. As reported by users, this is not a problem of a particular market — to purchase the original cover will not work even in the Apple Store. It is difficult to say what it can be connected, however, there are two possible explanations:

  • The lack of the original leather and silicone cases you can justify the fact that Apple simply doesn’t want users to hide such a bright body under opaque covers.
  • On the other hand, it would be strange to assume that Apple deliberately misses a multimillion-dollar market of accessories. It is possible that the company simply did not have time to produce the right amount of the original covers and they will appear in the free market a little later.

Remarkably, the promised transparent overlay from Apple, which costs $ 42 or 3490 rubles is on sale. It is not excluded that it will be available after the event, the company, which is scheduled for October 30.

What do you think why Apple has not released official cases for iPhone XR? Let me know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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