Why is it wrong to buy a phone that supports the 5G now?

There are a lot of hype today about the 5G and move them from the fourth generation network 4G, in addition to questions of technology knowledge, which should not care about the user simple about the wave millimeter modems, there are also trade wars and lawsuits between companies.

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In the past, some companies have begun to sell smartphones that support 5G, and help other companies to put forward its smart phones that support this progress. But the most important question,

Do I have to buy a phone that supports the fifth generation this year?

The answer is, no.

Why not?

Networks barely exist around the world, and in our Arab region, has not officially divorced from telecommunications companies, and is still the experience of these networks on a small scale. It is available in small geographical areas around the world.

You might consider buying a phone that supports the fifth generation anyway, being someone who likes to keep abreast of new technical and you have no problem keeping the phone for a few years so join these networks and be widely available, but this is a bad idea.

The first generation of these phones are bad in general, as the battery significantly, plus they cost a fortune of money that you should pay for will not use it already, even if the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G which costs 1400$ looks fantastic and offers solutions to some problems, but you will still be stuck with a phone that cost you a lot of money to take advantage of network don’t work.

Even if a miracle happened Hither the fifth-generation networks faster than anyone expect, it is likely to be the processor of the phone you are not good compared to the second or third, which will be launched in the coming years, where the companies operate Qualcomm and others to develop processors of the season 5G smart phones in current time.

The fifth-generation networks is not mature yet, and the year 2019, should not buy a phone that supports the 5G, so we get to next year, for every incident.

Telecommunications companies in the Arab states including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is working to test and develop networks of the fifth generation, as announced earlier about the cooperation between STC and Nokia to create hundreds of base stations of the fifth generation in different regions of the kingdom, as adeclared STC and Huawei for the success of the first experience of the network of the fifth generation, and successful telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates to reach the speed of 71 is in the second, but by the tests, and it will take some time to launch the network officially to consumers.

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