Why is Apple secretly visited CES this year

Apple has never participated in the technology fair CES, but that does not mean that the company disregard the event. According to the insiders, Apple engineers and senior employees showed a particular interest in technology companies from the industry AR (augmented reality) at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

More than 10 representatives of Apple attended the conference incognito — they were accredited by the subsidiaries, but work directly in the Corporation, reports MacRumors. They visited the stands of companies such as DigiLens, Lumus, Vuzix, and WaveOptics.

Apple, as you know, is interested in AR and VR technologies for many years and involved hundreds of employees who work on this technology. Tim cook, in particular, said in 2017 the technology to create “real” AR points does not yet exist. It means Apple wants to be first, and help her in this industry startups.

So, last year, Apple completed the acquisition of a startup Akonia Holographics come from Colorado, engaged in designing and manufacturing lenses with support for augmented reality. But it is more remarkable that Akonia Holographics have several years of working on their own project of smart glasses that are able to seamlessly place the AR objects within the boundaries of the material world. It is anticipated that this project was interested in Apple, partial to augmented reality, more than anything else.

If you believe the analysts, the output of the AR-compatible headsets into the light must take place no later than 2019. Would you buy such a device? Write in our Telegram chat.

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