Why iPhone 11 in Russia — not the world’s most expensive

Over the past few days, the Network appeared the information that in Russia, the iPhone 11 will sell at the highest price in the world. As a rule, these studies have taken the VAT on the purchase of iPhones in the country (except Russia), and there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the Russian online store new iPhone was really expensive. However, the local residents of different countries, there is no possibility to return the VAT, and if we consider the question from this side, the picture is quite different.

On the new iPhone should be enough

Where to buy cheaper iPhone 11

First, let’s talk about pricing that result as the arguments of many “experts.” Take for example the youngest iPhone 11 — here is a good table with the lowest prices subject to VAT refund (for travelers). Grey color denotes the price of the smartphone for local residents who are required to pay the tax too (like if we bought the iPhone in Russia). Here the most attractive countries are Japan, Australia, Austria, Finland and others. Please note, the USA is not even in the top ten. By the way, I’ll go somewhere for a new iPhone? Then share your experience in our Telegram chat.

Cheapest iPhone 11 can be found in Japan

But looks like the end of this list — indeed, in Russia the price of iPhone 11 obtained one of the highest in the world (more expensive in Italy).

iPhone 11 more in Italy

But what if you look at the price for locals?

If you do not take account of the VAT return (for example, a resident of Canada, buying an iPhone may not reclaim the tax paid for it), the rating changes dramatically. Cheapest iPhone 11 is still in Japan, and in the second place suddenly bursts into USA, then Canada and other countries.

Rates for local residents (without VAT refund)

And Russia is already 30, and 25 — inclusive of taxes for local iPhone 11 more in Italy, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Hungary.

Russia has bypassed many countries in Europe

Where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max

And here is the top countries with the lowest prices on iPhone 11 Pro Max (for local residents).

Countries where iPhone 11 Pro cheapest

In fairness — if we talk about this smartphone, in Russia iPhone 11 Pro Max really comes out the most expensive (whether you consider the prices with VAT or without).

Even if you do not return the VAT, in Russia iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive in the world. Sadly 🙁

So to say that in Russia the most expensive iPhone 11 — is not entirely correct. Even with the VAT refund in other countries, there are places where the smartphone is worth more, and if you consider the rates for local (all taxes included), Russia is not even in the top five last. Of course, I wish the iPhone was cheaper, but given the exchange rate, while it is not possible.

iPhone 11 in Russia, available in purple, green, yellow, black, white and color PRODUCT(RED) with memory of 64, 128 and 256 GB for the price: from 59 990 rubles. Version with 128 GB will cost 64 990 rubles, 256 GB will have to pay 73 990 rubles. As for the older iPhones, iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is available in four colors: dark green, silver, gold and space grey, memory 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB at a price of 89 990 rubles — how much is iPhone 11 Pro with 64 GB of memory. The most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost 131 990 rubles. This is the amount Apple appreciated a top-end smartphone with 512 GB of memory.

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