Why I won’t buy Galaxy or Fold Mate X

In recent years, many speak about foldable smartphones. They really arouse interest and attract attention, but there are several points that do not allow to consider them device that you want to buy. We all have different opinion on the matter, but in this article I want to share.

For folding smartphone future. Here only in what format?

The contents

The experience of using Huawei Mate X

We already wrote about how during MWC , I was able to touch the new Huawei Mate X. No one knew when it will be released, many are waiting for him still, someone lost hope, in light of recent events, and I touched. In that moment I experienced mixed feelings. Like I gave up something that no one has seen in the world, it is unique and, most importantly, not to break. It was a mixture of delight and fear. By the way, is it still on the events of the brand not really willing to give up and for good reason.

Huawei Mate X — may be the first smartphone to HarmonyOS

The reason for the enthusiasm is understandable, but with regard to fear, it was caused by the mechanism. There are several dozen parts, and it must be very fragile, but I was allowed to open it. The first comparison that was in my head was from neon tubes, which are especially numerous sold in supermarkets before the new year.

The thrill of the foldable smartphone about how these tubes

The feeling is really similar. There is a small elasticity, when you release the lid, and she leaves five millimeters on the back. There is a crackle, like from a wand, which breaks the bulb with a chemical agent. And besides, the design begins to glow after opening. It’s not even far-fetched a comparison, the feeling was really similar.

Why you should not buy a foldable smartphone

The main disadvantage of any foldable smartphone will be exactly folding mechanism. Who used clamshells at the time, remember how they started luftig and hang out with time. There are those, who used carefully and they have all been relatively normal. But those who were more rude to the technique, was disappointed in the cots and returned to the monoblocks.

Folds and unfolds, how wonderful unfolds

Thus, at the time of the case were such that they were to break a leg bully. The cots were a little more elegant, but not much. Still, the mechanism of them was dirty, one loop (typically), and not on dozens of elements that producers still take pride in.

Difficult to make the complex easy. Harder to make the complex simple — Artem Sutyagin (Yes, that’s me)

Personally, I enjoyed their two cots very carefully, but still, after about a year they started to hang out a bit, it’s terribly annoying. But I’m not paying $ 2,000 in order to much to worry about. Hence the first reason for which I get a folding smartphone.

Why folding smartphones are expensive

The main reason for the high cost of folding phones is their innovation. The company was very invested in developing a new type of display mechanism. Now, these costs have to beat. Given that the flagships are 1000-1300 dollars, and sometimes even more price for something fundamentally new does not seem so huge. But this is only on the background of the flagships. In fact, it is still high.

Galaxy Fold alive

Even for your current smartphone, which I myself gave about 90,000 rubles, I’m a little worried. That is why I see no reason to buy a smartphone for 130000 and worry for him even more. Especially considering that my phone meets my needs — so I bought it. Folding will also satisfy them, but it will cost you, as an elite gopher. I see no reason to overpay. Knock him to the test and to drive with him — Yes, to buy for your money — no.

The strength of the folding mobile

The second point is the strength of a convertible smartphone. I talked about this above, but will repeat it again. I don’t believe he will be as strong as a monoblock. There needs to withstand the screen itself should not break down the details of the folding mechanism and it does not need to start luftig.

Agree, would be a shame if a smartphone for more than two thousand dollars will start to hang out and/or squeak. I would not like. Write soy opinion in our Telegram chat.

An important point concerning the strength of the smartphone is the screen coating. For anybody not a secret that modern screens well scratched, as if we haven’t talked about selling their manufacturers. This is for a number of reasons and someday we will talk separately, but imagine that the screen foldable smartphone will be scratched even more than it is now, and you will not be able to close it with glass or plastic.

Galaxy Fold will be less prone to scratches

Low resistance to scratches caused when the screen needs to be soft, to be able to bend, and this makes the use of durable glass impossible. The screen is covered with a soft polymer which will literally scratch with a fingernail. There are no miracles.

Is it convenient to use the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Submitted to date foldable smartphones are a good concept for the future. Will be great when they will be converted to the state of the tablet and will replace them, but so far it does not. This is in agreement with me almost all of us in the editorial.

In the current form of foldable smart phones are less in demand. Well the truth is, because of the screen it turns out the hybrid phone and tablet, but I’m happy with 6.5-inch display on the smartphone is quite comfortable and movies to watch and books to read. They say this is done in order to make the device more compact, but have you seen how much space folded up. Yes, he is in jeans will not fit! Why trust this technology, yet I have not. — Alexander Bogdanov, the author AndroidInsider.ru

Maximum strange looks watching video on a square screen. I opened it, started your favorite movie, and the picture is the same as a smartphone when folded or just any candy bar. In order for the video to fit entirely, it must be customized for maximum side. In this case, width. In the end, we get a rectangle inscribed in a square. Therefore, the top and bottom of the picture is heavily cropped. No, no, thank you. I’d rather watch video on a normal smartphone, which is absolute and not relative image size is the same.

For tables and pages in the Network, this screen will be more convenient, but certainly not for video.

So to use the cot “comfortable”

Fold on the screen foldable smartphone

Another shortcoming also applies to the screen. Many spoke of the crease on the screen. When I much like Huawei Mate X on the sidelines of the company’s stand at MWC 2019, I honestly did not notice the crease and told everyone about it. Now, I look at the pictures and see that it often is. Perhaps in the room was a good light or I got a brand new smartphone that did not “die”, but then the folds do not.

If you use a smartphone every day, Willy nilly you notice even a minimal crease. Especially when she’ll be pale in the sun. Don’t want this experience.

The reason not to buy Galaxy Fold or Mate X

This can be attributed to other smartphones that will begin to emerge. It is about a class of devices. When they become popular, will be able to develop, get rid of children’s ills, and finally cheaper, I might buy this smartphone for daily use, but I just don’t want to be a tester.

Of course, with this smartphone you will notice it everywhere, but I don’t need it. I’d rather use a smartphone, which I’m sure I will not fail. And the rest, as sung in one famous song, doesn’t matter. I don’t condemn those who want to buy one of the foldable smartphones when they normally start to sell, just for myself, I can’t fully answer the question “Why?”

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