Why I abandoned Apple Music in favor of YouTube Premium

Using Google Music for a while, I decided to switch to Apple Music. Service seemed to be more pleasant and offered interesting albums, compilations and tracks. However, the service has some drawbacks. For example, you cannot use the Web version to listen to music, this necessarily need to install iTunes (“Kamon!”), that 2018 is not very convenient, because now everything tends in the direction of the Web.

YouTube as a musical platform for some reason, many do not take seriously, but let’s see some statistics. In 2014, the most popular topic requests was music. In 2018, 95% of most viewed videos in category “Music”. For example, the track Despacito has already gained more than 5.4 billion views.

Of course, while YouTube Music only began its development, and certainly the number of tracks in the Apple Music database is inferior to its 45 million tracks. Gradually, however, the situation may change in favor of YouTube Music. Support Google didn’t give us exact figures, but assured that the number of tracks in YouTube, there are millions of Music. We take them for their word.

Apple Music I did not notice that the collection of tracks adapted to time of day. In the case of YouTube Music in the evening service offers infinite ambient music, and in the morning invigorating tracks. And it is really convenient. Besides the selections, in my opinion, no worse than those in Apple Music.

If you want to go to YouTube Music and very often do not watch videos on YouTube, its better to look at other services such as Spotify or Deezer. YouTube Music is a rather nice addition to the possibilities of premium subscription. For the purchaser of such subscription key factors should be no advertising on YouTube, it is possible to store video clips and listen to them in the background. And it is extremely useful and convenient functions.

Lately advertising on YouTube has become openly interfere, every 1-2 video users spend 5 seconds of your time on advertising. Besides, advertising can appear in the video several times. But most annoying is that is not changing. Every day the user is watching the same commercials, the same person advertising the same apps that frankly got.

Has necessitated the emergence of a premium subscription. And when, in addition, Google offered a music service, the decision to move from Apple Music on YouTube Premium was lightning fast. Besides, 200 rubles for such privileges is not so much.

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