Why Google removes from Play Store the developer, the applications that are downloaded over 500 million times

Google banned one of the largest Android developers DO Global and is currently rapidly removes its app from Google Play. This was due to the fact that, as was discovered, the company violates the terms of use of shop and engaged in fraud with ads in apps. According to the publication BuzzFeed, almost half of the more than 100 applications DO Global brand is now removed from the Google app store, and it is expected that the rest will disappear in the next few days.

Applications published by the company DO Global, which is partially owned by a major Chinese technology giant Baidu, in total, has been downloaded over 600 million times. Although DO not the first Global application developer, which was banned in Google Play, it is one of the largest. In addition to the removal of their applications c platform by the search giant, DO Global also apparently got banned on Google AdMob. This means that Chinese companies are no longer allowed to promote their products through the largest Google mobile advertising and consumer behavior applications.

Google has started to DO the Global block and delete her apps from your store shortly after BuzzFeed published an article that discussed in no less than six applications of a Chinese company containing the code that imitated the user clicks on the advertising banner. Simulated clicks on the advertising banner in the app occurred even when the app wasn’t running that brought Global DO enormous income from its built-in app advertising, and spend your Internet traffic installed the app users.

In addition to the traffic, spend the resources of the smartphone, which led to a noticeable decrease in performance and excessive battery consumption. From malicious apps have been common names such as Selfie Camera and Total Cleaner, and as it turned out, they deliberately concealed the fact that their developers DO is Global, violates Play Store policy.

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