Why Google Pixel Stand is not worth the money and attention. The main argument

Google announced Pixel Stand at the beginning of October. The device is a docking station for wireless charging. Inside the “cradle” is the output of the USB Type-C, support fast charging and even the ability to switch the phone mode to “do Not disturb” during the night of the recovery of the battery. For all that Google asks for $ 79. A considerable sum of money, especially on the background of competitors. However, according to some users and journalists, to pay for the gadget too risky.

First recall additional features of the device. Pixel Stand got a custom user interface that is displayed when you connect your smartphone to the docking station. You see time, Google Assistant, the schedule of the day, suitable for playback of songs and even pictures of Live albums.

In addition, Pixel Stand supports fast charging, which shows good results. It all sounds great and makes you think about a possible purchase of the device. However, as reported by GSMArena, the rush is not necessary. The fact that the station rarely works as it should.

The sale “rack” was launched in November. Soon after its release users began to complain about the functionality of the Pixel Stand: notifications were not displayed on the screen, the Live Photos does not run and charge turned out to be not so quick.

As journalists, Reddit and other forums contain a lot of complaints about the quality of the device. Google employees know about the problems and even spoke about the work of their correction. Two months later no results.

The representative of the resource noted that Pixel Stand is unreliable. Complaints about the work during the first month, but then the fun began. He often does not activate fast charge. Sometimes it disconnects after a few minutes of operation and switches to normal mode. Still it happens the cyclic change of modes, which is worse.

Here is an illustration of the problem. The journalist emphasizes that for the money of inadequacies in the work to not be.

What is the relationship with wireless charging things work out for you? Lee managed to fall in love with new technology? Let’s find out the opinion and determine the trend.

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