Why Donald trump admires Tim cook

I remember August 2011, when the world learned that Steve jobs resigns as Apple CEO, and in his place comes the most famous and media Tim cook. It was obvious to everyone that the days of the company are numbered, because it was associated with jobs. But time passed and Tim cook proved that the CEO does not necessarily have to pore over the creation of new gadgets to be considered a good leader. Recently this version confirmed the Donald trump.

We make peace with enemies, not with friends

According to trump, Tim cook is a great leader who best understands how to run a business to achieve success. The US President made this statement following the meeting with the CEO of Apple, which took place last week.

Tim cook and Donald trump

This time the initiator of the meeting, notably, made himself Tim cook. However, he had a good reason. The CEO, knowing that the administration of Donald trump is preparing to impose Apple products to import duty, invited the President for dinner to discuss possible options for preventing such an outcome. Then cook honestly said that additional fees would lead to higher prices for the company’s products, which will not be able to compete with Samsung.

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Trump praised the honesty of Tim cook and his willingness to defend your company. But most of all the President liked the fact that Cooke was ready to defend the interests of Apple at the highest level. And you think it’s worthy of praise? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

US tariff

“That’s why he’s a great leader. He was not afraid to come talk to me, unlike others. Instead, to appoint a meeting for me to discuss their questions, [CEOs] are hiring expensive consultants who give them tips on how to minimize losses from fees],” said trump.

Customs duties United States - is the cash fee in the amount of from 10 to 25% levied on certain types of Chinese goods. This term encompasses everything that is made in China. Therefore, even the iPhone, which consists of components that are released in different parts of the world, for the laws of the United States is no different from the smartphones of Huawei or Xiaomi.

Cook’s attitude to the current President of the United States before his election to this post was pretty skeptical. Therefore, most likely cook had to steel himself to make an appointment with Trump to ask him not to impose Apple products to import duties. However, the sacrifice that went to the CEO came to fruition, and now the iPhone, iPad and Mac will keep the old prices until at least December 1, when a new package of fees. Importantly, the trump to have learned that Apple hides money in Ireland to pay less in U.S. taxes.

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