Why do you want manufacturers phones your data from Facebook? Here use?

Earlier this month a report from the newspaper “New York Times” of America that the company Facebook has an agreement with up to 60 companies, industry smartphones like Apple and Samsung, and prevents access to the data users and their friends even without their knowledge, this report make there’s a new wave of anger against Facebook, which prompted the company to come out and clarify the truth of the matter, the following is monitor you a summary of the crisis.

– Allows businesses to access the servers of facebook and they can really get the information and data important for the user.

– The agreement provides for the exchange of information with others, which is similar to what happened in the crisis Cambridge analytica.

– The companies say they desire to access that data to provide a number of services for users and not for the purpose of trade, or the collection of information.

– I thought facebook the accusations that were directed to her and she said that she had already an agreement with a large number of smart phone makers, like Huawei.

– Said on Facebook that since the signing of the agreement in 2007, the Company completed a partnership with more than half of the companies on which up to 60 companies.

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