Why do you need antivirus for Android and how to choose the best

The abundance of malicious Android applications, despite the war that they have declared Google, itself paves the way to using anti-virus programs. Only they, according to experts in the field of cyber security is able to protect us from the destructive effects of Trojans, worms and all kinds of applications-spies. But does it make sense? The answer to this question given virus analysts at AV Comparatives, having studied more than 200 anti-virus.

According to the report, AV-Comparatives, only a third of all antivirus software for mobile devices on the market, able little bit to counter the malicious apps, and only the tenth part can detect 100% of threats. This conclusion was made in the study of 250 anti-virus for Android, which was subjected to testing for two thousand malicious programs.

“Less than 1 of the 10 antivirus will protect you from all malicious applications 2000, whereas more than two thirds are barely able to identify at least 30% of the threats — say in the laboratory of AV-Comparative. – The main goal pursued by the developers of these antivirus programs is to generate easy revenue, but not a full user protection”.

Best antivirus for Android

The number of antiviruses that have proven effective in the fight against malicious software, was the decisions of famous companies:

To see the entire list of effective antivirus software possible on the research page.

And now the answer to the question that worries many Android users. Indeed, the anti-virus software can be useful in some situations. They are especially useful for those who prefer to use third-party app catalogs or at all to install APK files instead of having to buy a license. For those who are not used to refer to unreliable sources, and in Google Play comes only in extreme need, the usefulness of antivirus – the more pay – is committed to a minimum.

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