Why do you have this year’s apple a chance to miss the extraordinary?

After almost a month we reveal the Apple for the latest iPhones have. Devices that have already become semi-known to everyone and we talked in detail about in a previous article; this year is expected to represent a paradigm shift for the iPhone beginning with the upsizing as well as the design was, once again, that become the whole family design X. but there is another characteristic which is that this year is expected to be available for Apple an exceptional opportunity unprecedented to strengthen the lead. So what is this opportunity and why did you come this year exceptionally.

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With the beginning of the emergence of the iPhone solo was undisputed, but with the development of Android fast as well as Samsung has started there is real competition show of an iPhone, but that the appropriate Statute of Samsung’s sales reached the top category (S وNote) to nearly and sometimes more than half the sales of the iPhone. Always have an advantage in gear. Believe the Apple iPhone is rights and then quickly respond Samsung phone to Excel is to come to the iPhone Next, and so on. I thought Apple has always been on the worker to miss key iOS, but this year came an opportunity for Apple. Thinking in gear too, or at least kill the majority of the points of ridicule which her rivals.


She was always a speed test showdown between Apple and its rival core Qualcomm processor Snapdragon famous which depend almost the majority of companies, “several Huawei”. But back to miss Apple in the A10 processor in the iPhone 7 and difficult to SD835 his competition and then came the next A11 last year and ended the competition. Even the wizard SD845 couldn’t compete. Companies increased Android memory to 8 GB but to no avail there is a great superiority in favor of Apple’s processor. The iPhone next will bad news for competitors but experience two:

Processor A12: at the time, who is not able fastest Android phone in the world OnePlus 6 of the access of an iPhone, where results 9088 in the tests, while X is entitled 10357 any difference 14% , Apple will provide a wizard A12 imagine that it would be faster to just 15%, it will mean the difference actual more than 30% which is makes it impossible for the Processor SD855 catch him or even get close.

Memory 4 GB: there’s irony durable that the iPhone works memory 3 GB only in the latest version. But imagine that the 3 GB that Excel on the 6 and 8 GHz for competitors of Apple. So what will be the situation when increasing the memory to 4 GB’s? The news is shocking that competitors (Samsung – Huawei – Google + – oneplus) will be their phones next also 8 GB-which they can’t develop performance here. And by the way did not affect the increased memory from 6 to 8GB is a little something in the performance of the phones.

Calculate the development of the processor and increase the memory with a to file how will the difference in performance in the future

Fast shipping

Although Apple has supported the fast shipping last year, but he was looking forward to buy a cable priced at$ 15 and up his price to$ 50 which made it the laughingstock of permanent buoy and even Samsung launched a video weeks ago the ridiculous of this. The good news is that Apple will finally add a fast charger and the cable with the iPhone. Point the additional force that her rival Samsung still depends on the technical QC 2.0 old because he’s terrified of the explosion of phones, so I didn’t move to QC 4.0+ current. And PD used by Apple faster than the QC 2.0 but, of course, less than the S-VOOC Alliance BBK (oneplus – oppo – vivo), but the actual product photo of an iPhone and its far are Samsung devices only.

It is worth noting that the news that Apple will increase the battery of women X+ to exceed 3 thousands mAh.

The camera

At the launch of the iPhone X won the title of best camera phone in the tests of DXOMark degrees 97 points, but Samsung miss phone S9+ with 99 points. Which is to miss the very slight for example, the iPhone 7 plus got 88 points and was followed by X to get 97 points, an increase of 9 points. Would be difficult for Apple to improve the camera of its device to visit a difference of 2 points?

It is worth mentioning that Huawei excels even now phone P20 pro with 109 points followed by HTC U12+ 103 points. But Huawei doesn’t compete the actual iPhone notes with satisfaction the strong in the world of processors with its foul 970 does not match SD845 which in turn no approaching of Apple’s processor. Lag behind in almost all areas of the iPhone and Samsung “camera kit”. While HTC is a great company but it went bankrupt and probably sold in 2019.

War pricing

The iPhone phone is very high in price and last year reached the$ 1,000 but this year the Huawei then Samsung access for this price where it launched last Note 9 See 1000$ 1250$. Become a Samsung phone more expensive than iPhone. This year something will happen in the Apple which is the high and low price at the same time. Theory will increase the average price of the iPhone but for Apple scrapped the traditional categories and only with X news says that the phone X current is a 1000$ will be updated with the latest be will X 2018 while its price varies from$ 899 to$ 949 the phone larger and the top 6.5 inches it will be priced at$ 999 will be the Apple version even 512 GB for anyone who wants to will come these women the same price as the Note 9. The iPhone LCD screen 6.1-inch will be priced at $699-$749 any less 250-300 dollars from Note 9 in the same time wins the sheet in the Processor of a camera. Can you imagine this happened?

Points superior

◉ Apple will rely this year on the partner advanced communication and Intel is expected to say the big difference marked in the speed of the internet which is caused by the war of Apple and Qualcomm.

◉ Do you see Apple will start to benefit from its acquisition of pizza a few years ago? The development of the headset to the iPhone itself or add a high-quality headset with? Samsung bragging about the condition of the AKG owned which is the less technical of Beats would want Apple?

◉ The news talking about the iPhone Dual SIM and exclusive in China. A lot of love Phone Dual SIM what how do you know if this is binary iPhone.

◉ There is news that Apple will support the pen also in the iPhone “the new version only” after increasing its size.

But it’s apple, gentlemen.

Here, the bad news is that we are talking about Apple and not Shawty like. Apple has a clear policy which is to maximize profits; of course every company in the world to profit, but Apple has this point is very strong. There is a rule in the business world which you will achieve the best profit with minimal outlay or effort. If Apple has found that there are 5 factors can enhance its superiority. They often add a factor or two just postponed the rest of the factors for the following year. You might live Apple pricing leaked after Samsung this pricing for her, or maybe he postponed the launch of the phone is Dual SIM or not, make cooperation with the Beats in the distant future. We don’t know but it’s apple, the masters. Won’t give you everything at once never

Do you expect to use Apple slow its competitors and enhance understanding? Or will as usual to provide the least possible? Share your opinion


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