Why do you call Apple updates iOS to a lot of problems?!

You may have recently heard about the reports that talk about changing the Apple policy updates in the iOS system to become the focus more on quality and to maintain the stability of the system rather than seeking to assess the advantages of the new multi may be accompanied by mistakes and problems.

لماذا تطلق آبل تحديثات iOS بالكثير من المشاكل ؟!

Why do you call Apple updates iOS to a lot of problems?!

This new change in policy, Apple would not have occurred without myriad problems that hit iOS over the past few years and appeared clear and evident with the iOS update 11 could hardly go a period without hearing about a problem and then update later to solve, and this may cause the new update on another problem, and so the user finds himself in a downward spiral I don’t read him!

What’s going on behind the scenes?!

On the social networking site Reddit posted one of the developers of Apple’s previous experience in working within the company on the iOS system, and pointed out that many errors in the updates to the Apple TV is not the result of lack of experienced and efficient engineers and developers have Apple TV but because of the work culture and the management style there.

He added that the project managers are responsible mainly because their biggest focus will be to complete any project at a deadline, regardless of the readiness and quality of the project, also wearing some of the project managers a lot of mistakes in relation to the order of priority to the reality on the developers accomplished.

And see this previous developer for the Apple TV that solution from the point of view is more communication between the team work within the Apple TV and the involvement of developers and engineers in scheduling the launch of updates to the final quality check and organize the agenda in a better way.

IOS 12 .. quality first!

Looks trade which we have shown is consistent almost with the report site Bloomberg who spoke, citing informed sources that Apple will postpone some of the great advantages of the iOS update 12 to next year to allow the developers more time to work on updates.

Among the advantages that will postpone the introduction of its: re-designed Home screen, the possibility to open more than one window within the app fact, and also the possibility to run two copies of the app at once and other.

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