Why do we need to train the brain

Many often say that the brain does not need training — they say that it and without it works great. And understanding, unfortunately, comes too late, when the outbreak of the aging process information is not extracted as easily as before, there is confusion, and the adoption of even simple solutions spent a lot more time. To train the brain is necessary, as repeatedly asserted by leading specialists, and it can be done in different ways.

For example, scientists from UC Berkeley a few years ago conducted an experiment selected older people (80 to 90 years) and decided to help them improve auditory memory, so they could not only hear information, but to take it for self-play. Surprisingly, for the development of auditory memory took only a few hours a week to do for 10 weeks. The study results have been compared with the original, and found that they correspond to the characteristics of middle-aged people.

At the Institute. Bekhtereva in Saint-Petersburg carried out other studies (in the process of passing the tests the brain were studied by means of electroencephalogram, positron emission and magnetic resonance tomography), the results of which found that the brain is directly influenced by human activities. So, the art class is much better for the brain than routine mechanical work, which in the best case, loads the brain in half. Most of us work under such a scheme, therefore, periodic training is necessary, otherwise the man quickly degrades in old age.

If you regularly load the brain, it increases the number of new neural connections that affect the psychological flexibility of a person and his ability to adapt to different conditions that we call life. It happens regardless of age, throughout life, people can create new synapses — however, they disappear as easily as they appear, if not to consolidate these relations. Therefore, without training abilities are not enough.

You can do it in many different ways, solve puzzles, play video games, and so on. But cognitive ability is not developed only to a particular level, it is better to use simple exercises for improving attention, thinking and memory. And to spend just 15 minutes a day, but the more time you spend training, the more you will benefit from them.

Where to train the brain

In the age of high technology it does not have to go anywhere — all simulators available online — for example, the online platform “Vitium”, which consists of exercises in the form of a game. The creators have collected many years of research results in the field of neuropsychology, the added element of the game and got the equipment that I want to repeat again and again. Tell us what skills you want to develop (to become less distracted, to learn concentration), and “Vitium” itself will select the most appropriate exercises.

But here you can choose how to engage. You can go on the system of workouts and exercises that simultaneously train and thinking, and memory, and attention. Exercises are selected in such a way that their successive passage was achieved the best effect. You may be asked to arrange the numbers in ascending order, find similar shapes, and so on.

And you can take advantage of the dozens of online simulators, which are grouped by areas — attention, memory, thinking and others. You choose what area you want to train, and choose the appropriate online training.

Additionally, online trainers, “Vitium” there are courses such as speed reading, Emotional intelligence and Mnemonics. That is in addition to the General development of cognitive functions, it is possible to obtain practical skills.

Practice every day free, the same goes for some online simulators. The rest is available to owners of premium account, with which you can take part in all sections “Vitium”: to participate in the training, unlimited time, take special courses and much more.

Don’t forget about regular exercise, because if to help the brain, he gladly installs new connections and makes it fast enough. Set yourself new challenges, strive to solve them, implementing new options. But spending just 15 minutes a day with “Vitium”, will be able to fix the result. The more you can train both at home and at work, school or on the road. Try it!

Begin to train the brain

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