Why do users of Android to iOS and vice versa?!

Of the most prominent events in the smart phone market phenomenon of change users the operating system, such as from Android to iOS or move from iOS to Android. So what are the factors that control it and the user is prompted to change the operating system that maybe used to it for years?!

لماذا يتحول المستخدمون من الأندرويد إلى iOS والعكس؟!

Why do users of Android to iOS and vice versa?!

The answer comes from a magazine PCMag technical famous that a survey of 2500 users, found that 29% of them had changed the operating system on their smartphones in the period: 18% of them moved from Android to iOS, while the scroll 11% from iOS to Android.

Why did you change users the operating system?!

For those who you steal from Android to iOS this was motivated by the search for experience of using a better (47%) and the advantages of the best as the camera, design and so on (25%) as the leading reasons.

As for those who switched from iOS to Android and that was for three main reasons such as: the prices the cheapest, in addition to experience to use Best endeavour to obtain new advantages just like the first category.

الأسباب التي تدفع المستخدمين إلى تغيير نظام التشغيل

The reasons that drive users to change the operating system

Users more loyal to operating systems!

It is also observed which is shown by the study, is the ratio of fidelity and fulfillment, high users generally have towards the operating system accustomed to you and that you learn 70%. Means that factors such as recognition and use of long task when referring to the phenomenon of change operating systems. We also drew attention to other points such as learning the user’s brand specific (Cal user today, etc.).

The transition from one OS to another is not easy for most users, but generally the system. iOS, Android, many tools and apps to make the transition process easier, as we can see on the official sites for them (Google: Switch to Android) and (Apple: Switch to iOS).

It is worth mentioning that Apple periodically launches campaigns to encourage users to move to iPhone and iOS system, such as the ads in this video in which the advantages of the transition and making fun of Android at the same time.

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